Geeks in love

Both dearie and I are avid readers of a wide-range of blogs, though of a very different nature. Dearie loves her fashion and lifestyle blogs, and her own blog entries are often prefaced or illustrated with pictures from those blogs. I’m a keen explorer of food blogs and socio-political/news blogs. We are both owners of relatively well-maintained blogs too. Dearie’s kept the same blog for the past 5 years, whereas I’ve shifted blog-sites at least 4 times – but I believe I’ve found my home now in wordpress.

Over dinner yesterday at Chomp Chomp, we were discussing what type of blog we could set up that would be of use to others, a blog in nature of ieatishootipost, which has recently been a great resource for the both of us in our hunt for best food places around Singapore.

The choices below were rejected:

  • Food blog (too overdone; there’s a wealth of food blogs out there already and our ‘source’ of exploration would be other food blogs anyway)
  • Fashion Blogs (Dearie shared that she didn’t have that kind of ‘magazine’-writing style flair.)
  • Teaching Blog (Way too geeky)
  • (Were there other choices dearie? I can’t remember.)

As we were discussing, we suddenly realised that while we couldn’t blog originally about food because the places we went to weren’t original, a lot of effort often went into the planning of our dates, such that it consists of a pre, main and post-activity (a teaching joke). Heh.

My dearie and I make great efforts to ensure that our dates are exciting, engaging (mentally, gastronomically and romantically) and mostly cheap – hence we decided to start this blog, a Dating Blog where we will blog about all the dates we’ve been on.

We brainstormed names and some of the rejects include:

  • weeatweshootwepost
  • carpediem (and anything latin – in line with our geek theme)
  • andrewlovesjasmineandjasminelovesandrew
  • geekandchic
  • geeksinlove
  • twogeeksandaporcupine (pic below)

Mohawk, our pet

We finally decided on the name that you see above in this blog – simple, unadorned and makes its point clearly.

So there’s the story of this blog’s origin. I shall let my dearie add in whatever she feels is necessary in this entry. Thank you for reading and joining us on our journey of learning how to love, to care and to cherish each other. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy dating and writing about our dates.

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