Half-nniversary Surprise

Our past dates are being reconstructed in an order that follows no logic, but is based simply on our whims and fancies. Since Dearie chose to blog about how we got together, I decided to blog next about how we celebrated our 6 month anniversary (or half-nniversary, as Dearie calls it) just last week – 6 months after I asked her dad if I could be her boyfriend.

During our phone call on the eve of our half-nniversary, I suddenly told Dearie, “I really want to see you. Could we meet up and spend the night of our anniversary together?”

She was more than delighted. I changed up and made my way down to her place. To my greatest surprise, there was actually a really bad jam on the PIE that night, but I still managed to get to her place in half-an-hour. Following which, we made our way to Prive, a delightful and rather sophisticated bar-restaurant on Keppel Bay (all dating couples should at least go there once!).

Due to delays and bad weather (it was raining non-stop that day), we only managed to arrive at Prive at 11.58p.m., and the manager was initially unwilling to give us a seat. However, after we started ordering cakes to take-away and ask for candles, he very graciously relented and set up a table for us to ‘celebrate’:

IMG_6253 Our half-nniversary cake. It was decent enough – not too sweet, good texture and fruits were rather fresh.

 IMG_6255Happy half-nniversary! We were both wearing clothes which the we had bought for each other. The dress’s from GG5, the shirt’s from UniQLO. Dearie really dressed up for this surprise!

My intention was to spend some time walking around, enjoying the night view, but the night was just too cold and too wet, so we simply spent sometime at the second floor, outside TCC by the bay, enjoying this precious moment together.

I passed Dearie her present(s):


A book of Scott Schuman’s fashion photography and a set of postcards of bookcovers from Penguin – purchased from Rockstar at Cineleisure by braving the rain earlier that day. She had been pining over these two items ever since she saw them two days earlier, so I decided to get them for her!

Dearie also passed me my present:


A cook-book with easy to prepare dessert recipes. The joy I derive from cookbooks is purely visual, meaning I enjoy marvelling at the pictures of great desserts and good food, as Dearie learnt earlier this month during our trips to Borders.

What was more meaningful, though, were the words she had written on the first page of the book.

Thank you Dearie for a wonderful 6 months!

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