A few of her favourite things…

4 of Andrew’s favourite gifts for Jasmine

4. Junk Food

 One of the things which surprised me the most after we got together was how much Jasmine loved to eat junk food! From our NIE days, I had the impression that she was hardly even an ‘eater’ at all. I can’t recall having seen her eat a significant meal (except that one time when I remarked that she was eating as much as me. Heh). Her ‘meals’ often consisted only of fruit juice.

My dearie really loves to eat junk food and not all kinds, namely 3 kinds: chips, Hello Pandas and Pocky biscuits.


Technically these are not ‘gifts’ I buy her, but small tokens to pamper her from time to time. Seeing a big bag of chips never fails to bring a smile to my dearie’s face!


One of Jasmine’s favourite flavour of chips is Sour Cream & Onion. We’ve tried both the Ruffles and the Lay’s one. The verdict is not out yet on which is better – we often go with which one is on offer. One thing which I realised though, is that Marks and Spensers chips are not nice at all. They claim that they are healthy, which no doubt they are, but they taste so flat and don’t have that ‘crunch’ to it.

3. Mohawk


The MoHawk story is truly a miraculous one, upon which I based a testimony that I shared in cell group too!

I knew that Jasmine wanted a soft toy and that she loved hedgehogs and I had been searching high and low for a hedgehog soft-toy, but it isn’t exactly an animal that everyone loves. Jasmine herself has tried hunting for one too, but to no avail. This hedgehog was in a way a God-send. I was ordering flowers for her online from Far East Flora (she’ll recount the gist of the story below, hence scroll down and read it later) and upon completing my order, there were some ‘recommended gifts’ to go along with it. And to my greatest surprise, they had a hedgehog soft toy as one of the gifts! Who would have thought that a florist would have offered the soft-toy I’d been searching for all along? Needless to say, I ordered it immediately and for a while, it was a frequent companion on our dates until I banished it because it was too attention-seeking. 🙂

2. Marc Jacob’s Daisy

I was first ‘introduced’ to it when we went shopping at Plaza Singapura, following which she gave me a very strong hint that she wanted this for her birthday. I wanted to get the best deal for her, hence I consulted one of my cell group members who is very knowledgeable in such matters and she recommended me to Mustafa. I was warned however, that it will be counterfeit, hence I went with my dad to buy it from Taka.

I initially thought Dearie would like the limited edition one with the green daisy and stickers to paste around it. A pre-birthday celebration conversation, however, revealed that she preferred the original white one. So I went back to change it.

And now my Dearie uses it almost all the time on our dates.  And I pride myself on the fact that I can now recognise at least one perfume scent. That’s a great step ahead for someone who didn’t even know what perfume brands existed prior to this.

1. Flowers

This is my favourite gift, because it has been the most consistent one from the beginning of our courtship until now. There was a point where her mum was complaining that I gave her too many flowers. Flowers were one of the first surprise gifts I gave to her. I still recall that walk to SGH with her, where I surprised her with a bouquet of gerberas from the florist there. After that, the bouquets varied from ‘season’ to season’. There was the tulip season….


the lilies season…


(I don’t have a close-up of this one. Do you have any dearie?) 

and gerbera season again….Bouquet1 A big thank you to Charlene for compiling this photo for us

And roses. There were many rose bouquets, but I don’t know if photos were taken of them. There was a period of time where we were so interested in the various messages conveyed by the number of roses, e.g. 11 roses means ‘you are my treasured one’, and 12 means ‘be my steady’.

Flowers will always be one of my favourite gifts, because just like tidbits, they never fail to bring a big smile to my dearie’s face, but unlike tidbits, each bouquet is unique and each has a story to tell.


4 of Jasmine’s favourite gifts from Andrew

4. White blouse from GG>5

This was the first gift that he ever bought me, and boy was he sneaky about it…On one of our by-now routine (and routinely enjoyable) shopping trips, I tried on a blouse that I had been admiring for the past few weeks. When I headed back to the changing room, he asked the salesgirl to wrap it up and let him pay for it!

3. Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman

I started collecting children’s picturebooks this year, and this one is one of my absolute favourites. Andrew chose this after hunting high and low at Borders, and presented this to me on my birthday. I was so touched by all the effort that he had put in that I cried.

2. Fairytales notebook

I am such a sucker for pretty stationery! Sometimes the best gifts are not the ones that have been laboriously hinted at, but the ones that are total surprises… and total successes. Andrew got his colleague to buy this for me, guessing that I would fall in love with the beautifully illustrated pages of this notebook. He was right- I still can’t bear to write in it.

1. Mohawk

Mohawk and our peach crumble

This wee pet, so named for his funky mane that can be endlessly styled, came coupled with the most gorgeous bouquet of champagne roses ever. Andrew had the bouquet and hedgehog couriered to my house by way of apology for missing Ballet Under the Stars.  Needless to say, he was totally forgiven 😛


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