Highest Highs and Lowest Lows (Yap, 2009): Part 1

“A doctor once told me of a child who could not breathe when it was born. In order to make it breathe the doctor gave it a slight blow. The mother must have thought the doctor cruel. But he was really doing the kindest thing possible. As with newborn children the lungs are contracted, so are our spiritual lungs. But through suffering God strikes us in love. Then our lungs expand and we can breathe and pray.”

–Sadhu Sundar Singh

Over coffees one evening at TCC, Millicent asked me if Andrew and I had experienced our “highest highs and lowest lows”. She explained that these were the best and worst moments that a couple would face together, which had the power to make or break the relationship.

I did not know if Andrew and I have had our “highest high”, but we certainly seem to be going through a “lowest low” now due to difficult circumstances. Although we are a relatively new couple, our relationship has been buffeted, tried and tested by external factors beyond our control.

Highest highs tend to end too soon: staging a Cantonese opera version of Midsummer Night’s Dream at NIE

They say that adversity introduces a man to himself; in our case, it has introduced us to each other. When I see Andrew deal with this situation, I am impressed by his resolve, his resilience and his unwavering faith in God. It is never easy to bear bad news well, yet my dear has demonstrated how a good man, a brave man, reacts when he undergoes baptism by fire- he shows his mettle even as we cry, pray and hold on to each other.

Due to a series of unexpected events that occurred this past weekend, we were ready to forfeit our trip with my cell group to Cameron Highlands. But as I was boiling black chicken soup for him, my dear suddenly called, and told me that he had changed his mind and needed the trip to refresh and recharge himself. We packed our bags and left that very evening with our friends.

After enduring a ten-hour overnight bus ride lurching through dodgy pit-stops and hilly terrain, we finally arrived at Cameron Highlands.

We attempt to look semi-human after an overnight coach ride (our thanks to Valey for this pic)


Amidst the myriad of farms that we visited (cactus, chrysanthemum, watercress), my favourite was the Big Red Strawberry Farm. Ok, more specifically, it was the Big Red Strawberry Cafe, where they sold all things strawberry.


Our tour guide/ driver recommended strawberries with yoghurt- he eats this for breakfast everyday

Andrew and I shared a delectable strawberry juice, strawberry yoghurt and strawberry waffle with strawberry jam. In fact, we liked the cafe so much that we’ve decided to export the concept to Singapore. Valencia suggested a cafe that sold fruits in season, so that we’d sell mango during mango season, dragonfruit during dragonfruit season and durians during durian season (but if I have my way, we will never sell durians during any season- which restaurateur wants to asphyxiate her customers with the smell of durian?).

It reminded me of our brunch date a fortnight ago at Hatched, an eatery that eggclusively exclusively serves egg dishes.

Jasmine gazes lovingly (and hungrily) at her English muffin with smoked salmon and poached egg

Of course, there were some fairly unwelcome additions to the menu:

Err… fresh meat, anyone?

Let’s not even go there. Switching to a more savoury topic, we also visited Cactus Valley…


Had fun exploring the cactus farm…


And getting laughed at mercilessly by our friends when we got slowed down taking pictures… (“See you guys later! We’ll read about it on the blog!”)


I’m coming!

We had steamboat…

And four-hour-long bedtime chats that lasted late into the night as the six of us girls shared imitation Glico Pocky snacks and commiserated about our boyfriends 😛

Missing in action: Valey (who was behind the camera) and Cindy

And that was just the first day!

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