Highest Highs and Lowest Lows (Yap 2009): Part 2

On our second day in Cameron Highlands, we had a little time to ourselves, which we spent taking pictures exploring our neck of the woods, engrossed in quality conversation (but of course).




The boys stayed in an apartment like the ones in the background, whilst the girls lived it up in adjoining hotel suites

We had highbrow cuisine…


Fine dining… at KFC

And visited the Brinchang night market, where Andrew spent two of his last  three ringgit buying a bouquet of wildflowers for me…


During the gruelling ten-hour coach ride home, Mohawk’s hairstyle claimed the spotlight in the following discussion:



(I had brought Andrew to my hairstylist for a trim a couple days back and instructed him to make Andrew look cool)

Me (spikes Mohawk’s hair up): You know, now Mohawk’s hair looks just like yours!

Andrew (flattens Mohawk’s hair into a centre parting): Well, do you think Mohawk would look good like this?

Me: Now he looks like ten-year-old-you.

Just then, Marcus, who was sitting behind us, leaned over and said in all seriousness, “Can I say something? You two are borderline disgusting.”

(When I told my sister what Marcus had said, she said that Marcus was being kind and that we were actually outright disgusting.)

We’re so grateful to our friends, Cindy, Marcus, Meow, Sheer, Eleta, Andrew (Ng), Val and Wai Leong, for being so supportive and understanding during this time, and giving us space to be by ourselves when they realised that we would probably not have very much alone time together for awhile.

So our “lowest low” was also balanced out by being –literally– on a “highest high”. The retreat at Cameron Highlands was the calm in the eye of this crazy storm. From today onwards we retreat no more, but advance. This weekend, I felt that our love grew stronger and deeper, as we got “struck” by suffering, and learnt to breathe and pray again with renewed fervour and commitment.


People have told us that if we can survive this, we can survive anything. This weekend, suffering also bent us and broke us… but hopefully, into better shape than we were before.


2 responses to “Highest Highs and Lowest Lows (Yap 2009): Part 2

  1. press on you both!

    may the joy of the Lord be your strength as you guys fight your “lowest low”. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Eleta. Saw your suggestion on FB for a double-date. Let’s do that sometime. See you this weekend!

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