The Roles We Play Part 1

During a conversation with my mum on Sunday morning, she casually mentioned, “Both you and Jasmine seem like the kind who will be hosting a lot of parties in the future.” I found the comment rather amusing, but also rather true, thinking about how I like to play host by organising huge birthday parties.

But this led me to think about the kind of ‘roles’ Dearie and I have enjoyed taking on with our friends and our dates over the past week. This is going to be a 3 part series about the roles we have taken on and the first role would be hosting parties!

Role 1: Host

Event: Cell Group Tea Party

Venue: Jasmine’s place at Cannaville Cannagrill

I am not going to take excessive credit here because really it was Jasmine and her mum who put in the most effort to put together this tea party for 18 (4 guys and 14 girls – if I’m not wrong, Dearie correct me here).

So what did we do as hosts?

Fold meat pies

The preparation work was not easy. Two days before the tea party, Dearie painstakingly folded at least 100 of these meat pies – look at the folds at the edges which hold the filling in. Just like my dearie to always ensure that things are not just functional, but also aesthetically appealing.



(Jasmine says: The first few dozen meat pies that I folded looked tragic- like beetlebugs swarming on a mound of pastry. I’m glad my mum forced me to keep going, and eventually the folding got better:))


Most of the pre-party work on Saturday involved putting things in oven and monitoring,

then taking them out when they were sufficiently browned…


Yes, Jasmine’s mum owns two ovens and three fridges


While the baking was going on, I was tasked to skewer the chicken sausages with cherry tomatoes:


I did the skewering and Dearie did the arrangement (and yes, there’s Mohawk again, stealing all the attention.)


We had too many sausages to fit into the platter, so we tried arranging some on the cake-stand (shown above), which Dearie bought for her mum last year. Artistic (*ahem*) as it may have been, we decided it was a waste of space and far too out of place – hence we decided to store these excess sausages away and let the guys finish them later.


Auntie made one of her best cakes (in my humble opinion) for the party – carrot cupcakes with cream cheese topping (shown above). She excluded the walnuts on top this time because Gabriel didn’t like it. I quite like the walnuts actually. So here I am, making myself useful by arranging the cakes while Auntie and Jasmine prepare the quiches in the kitchen.

And after a whole morning of work:


The Cannagrille menu:

Cherry tomato and cheese sausage skewers

Roasted chicken wings

Bacon mushroom quiche

Vegetarian quiche

Meat pies with flaky puff pastry

Carrot cupcakes topped with cream cheese

Pecan pies

Nutella tart (tartella?)



Dearie was hard at work, slicing all the quiches and the Nutella tart (while I spent most of my time chatting with the guys and playing Monopoly Deal. Heh). 

Of course, there were others who helped themselves freely to the food:

IMG_6509 IMG_6507

The boys work for their cakes by sampling local produce (left) and setting up cake stands (right)

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to finish all the food. We set up a neat little production line at the end of the party, complete with Famous-Amos-like bags, plastic boxes, scotch-tape and those metallic ribbons they use to seal things. And we cleared everything. Amazing!

Reading the above entry might make it seem like I wasn’t really much of a host, but I must say, even if I didn’t play the role well, I certainly was dressed like the host of the party:

IMG_6520Our somewhat colour-coordinated outfits (recall: our previous post on how purple and yellow are complementary colours…)

Watch out for Part 2 of this series, where we take on the role of Art Critics!


15 responses to “The Roles We Play Part 1

  1. I have always wanted 2 ovens and 3 fridges.. =p =p Nice!!!

    • Yea, Jasmine’s mum is a professional baker, so she sometimes has to bake many cakes! You should consider being one too Steph. Been looking at the wonderful creations on your Facebook. I must try those cakes sometime!

  2. Icic…so nice. You mean her mum work as a full-time professional baker? =p If only I never study medicine, that would have been my career now. =p =p Can do it part-time. hehehe..
    Too bad this year didn’t manage to go singapore. Another time I hope. Was thinking of working in singapore in a few years time. =p
    Those ovens look outstanding. I am jealous. Blandford grove ovens are crap. =p Gonna attempt some new cakes soon and do a fine dining experience this christmas! can’t wait!! =)

    • Stephanie – I’m sure I’m going to see a wonderful Christmas spread. What are you planning to make? Turkey? Log cake?

    • hi stephanie, thanks for your praises! my mum’d be very glad to know:) the ovens are from elba- the silver one worked perfectly for ten years and she only got the black one this year!

      anyway andrew has told me about your cooking skills and the cakes u’ve posted on your blog look seriously amazing!

  3. wow… ur gf is amazing!!

    looking @ the spread of food prepared makes me drool…..

    u are a blessed guy!!!=)

    • Yes I am indeed blessed. My gf was indeed working very hard for this tea party! 🙂
      Her mum actually has an online blog and you can order whatever you see in the photos here. So if you need any pastries/cakes for a party, let me know. Can order for you!

    • aww thanks kristie! i’m afraid you give me undue credit though- most of the food was prepared by my mum!

      yep, her blog is if u’re interested!

  4. Wow… I must say that the tea party was something more like a high-class high tea!!! Food simply is so impressive, looks-wise and I’m sure taste-wise. Would love to learn to bake those cupcakes and quiches and nutella tarts!

    • thanks so much esther! we got the quiche recipe out of a cookbook, but we used three types of cheese instead of just edam as recommended. if you’re keen, i could email it to you:)

  5. Andrew: Made turkey 2 years ago and didn’t like the taste of turkey even though it was tender. I still prefer chicken. Not sure what I am going to make this year for christmas. haha..maybe duck again, lamb or beef. Sad to say I do not like christmas log cakes. =p =p Probably making a green tea tiramisu with green tea ice-cream. If I am greedy enough, I am also planning to try out mango cheesecake. =p You are a lucky man being able to eat all that food. hehehe…

    Jasmine: The black oven looks shiny and impressive. One day when I have the money, I will get one. haha…I dislike my oven now because the cakes are baked unevenly. Can’t wait to get my own proper oven!!
    Thanks for the compliment! I need to work on improving my cake decoration so that it looks more appealing. =p Was looking at your mum’s blog and her cakes look delicious! =D

  6. thanks stephanie! oh yes, did i mention that the black oven comes equipped with a turkey baster (i think that’s what it’s called)? the metal skewer on which you roast and rotate chicken…

    ok, not sure why i’m inundating you with useless details about ovens. heh.

    what decorations do u use? mum and i love using champagne grapes and strawberries on chocolate cakes…

  7. Hmm..I am not too sure what that is called but I know what you mean. =p I would love my oven to have that ‘thing’ as well. I thought Andrew has an oven with a similar function in his house too? =p

    I love using strawberries most of the time cuz strawberries look impressive..=p Never tried champagne grapes. Had used mango, kiwi and other fruits. Have yet to try redcurrants and blackcurrant. Seem difficult to get hold of them. =p Fruits make the cake looks pretty so I enjoy using fruits as decor for my cakes. =p

  8. Hi Jasmine,

    Yes would love that recipe! My email is Hoping to see you and andrew soon at my pl!

    • hey esther, will try to coordinate something within the next two weeks k. would love to drop by your place too to try your apple crumble again. 🙂

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