Missing you

Dearie is away in Beijing with her family this week and it just happens to be an especially difficult week.

Can’t wait for her to be back on Sunday night. I’ve even lost the motivation to blog on this blog, which actually goes to show that as much as this blog is for our readers, it’s also very much for the both of us to reflect on and to remember our moments of joy together.

Anyway, in the style of our ‘list’ entries, here’s the list of Things I do when I miss my Dearie:

1. Send her smses and imagine how she would respond with all her witty retorts/insults and incessant teasing.

I hold a mini-conversations in my head – of course, since I’m not half as witty as Jasmine is, the conversation usually ends very quickly.

2.  Do things that we would normally do together.

Of course, that makes me miss her even more. Had Mac Breakfast alone this week before heading down to see my sister. It was boring – no-one to take pictures with or to take my hash brown. As I was driving to cell group today at Gary and Jennifer’s place, I missed having my JPS (Jasmine’s version of GPS. Heh) beside me, helping me with the street directory.

3. Play wth Mohawk.

Mohawk was a great source of comfort. 🙂

4. Living by her advice to me.

Dearie always reminds me that I need to take good care of myself by eating well and taking time off for myself. This is something I always neglect if left to my own devices, but I made a concerted effort this week to really take time off when needed to refresh and recharge myself.

5. Continue to plan dates.

I’ve already discovered a new place we can go to for High Tea when she returns and of course there’s still that Antarctica exhibition at The Arts House that we are planning to go to. Read a friend’s blog lately and am interested to check out Fat Boys Burger Bar.

I’ve recently discovered too that the ‘sky gardens’ in the latest 40 storey HDB flats in Toa Payoh provide very nice, quiet spots for couples just to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

This blog will be ‘revived’ once again next week. I still have a ‘homework’ entry I’m supposed to write!

2 responses to “Missing you

  1. I think you are an amazing couple… and keeping this blog is definitely a very special unique thing.. will be so nice when u come back here to read about your dating days 10 years later!! =D

    Keep writing!!

  2. thanks so much kristie for the encouragement! we’re so honoured that you’re following our blog!

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