Thank you

Dear friends,

On behalf of Andrew and I (yep, I actually checked with Andrew, who gave the thumbs up, before I wrote this), we’d just like to thank everyone who has been so supportive and understanding during this difficult time.

In no particular order, thank you to

– our NIE friends (Pei, Mills, Anjali, Peiyong, James, Felicia, Mindy and Nicola)

– Andrew’s colleagues and senior management

– Andrew’s RI/ RJ friends (Zhengkun, Pengyong, Xiangkun, dear please correct my spelling if I’m wrong) as well as Karen

– Andrew’s cell group (Khen Theen, Adeline, Bangqiang, Cassia, David, Arthur, Shuwen, Mike, Uncle Kelvin, Marie, Andras), who set up the chairs for the wake service on Monday

– my cell group (Marcus, Cindy, Wai Leong, Valencia, Sheer, Meow, Eleta)

– Andrew’s friends from his college days in the UK (Meiyin, Benjamin and Carmen)

– and Joshua (sorry Joshua, wasn’t really sure which of the above categories you fell into!), who stayed long hours and helped serve drinks.

Please forgive us if we have not been good hosts to those of you who came down to attend the wakes, funeral or simply to pay your last respects to Andrew’s dear sister and to show Andrew support. Every handshake, hug, text message or phone call meant something to us, and even if we did not have the time to reciprocate your kindness in full over the last three hectic, frenetic days, please know that we thank God  for each and everyone of our friends who made the time and effort to be there.

Thank you.


7 responses to “Thank you

  1. thanks jasmine!

    spot on! i don’t belong to categories haha! correct on the very first attempt = )

  2. yes yes, you don’t believe in being ‘limited’ right?

    heh and thank you for the sms well wishes! an ‘especially’ merry christmas to you too, let’s meet up for some shopping with Mr Chong soon:)

  3. thanks jasmine!!

    awwww for some reason, i’m actually quite glad that andrew knows and is able to project the feeling of JEALOUSY…

  4. i’m staying outta this one boys:) suffice it to say that andrew was adamant that what he felt was “resentment” rather than “jealousy” when i tried to sound him out today!

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