What would I do without you…

To my dear Jasmine,

The past few days have been really tiring and draining, physically and emotionally. But your love and your support through this tough time really made it much more bearable, and even, dare I say it, sweet (with the exception of the bitter-sweet yong sum [ginseng drink]).

Thank you for waking up earlier than usual (by that, I mean ten am instead of your usual past noon waking hour. Heh) just to boil yong sum for me before coming down to St. Teresa’s church.

Thank you for always being the good hostess, helping me to receive my friends even if most (ok, maybe all) of the jokes were at my expense. I’m sure you learnt a lot of new things about me from my various guy friends, especially Mr. Wong and ZK (Yes Mills, you too.)

Thank you for helping me with my eulogy, giving me the right advice on the tone I should take at different wake services, so that I would truly honour the memory of my dear sister.

Thank you for being beside me – offering me tissue and crying along with me. No, you were not being presumptuous by running on stage when you saw that I was about to cry. I read once that the love of a [girlfriend] gives the man courage and indeed, your love through this time gave me the courage to remain strong and positive in front of all my friends who came down. 

Thank you for all the other small things that you did:

  • Telling me to take it easy and not get too stressed
  • Getting food for me and serving my mum
  • Selecting the best bouquet for me to put in the hearse
  • Accompanying my family to collect the ashes from the crematorium, ‘sheltering’ the ashes with your UV-Umbrella
  • Buying flowers so that the table won’t look so empty
  • Staying up late to write me a post-card, and carefully ‘rejecting’ the many inappropriate-sounding options from the Penguin Postcard collection

And most of all, thank you for being you – for making me smile and laugh with your usual ‘half-sentences’, terrible jokes from the Chinese masseuse, insisting I take time out by going on a 20 min McDate, teasing & ‘insulting me and generally giving me a hard time, doing ‘revolting’ things and not feeling embarrassed at all.

I know it has been tiring for you too, Dearie, but I appreciate all your sacrifices for my family and I. I love you, Dearie.




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