You Know You’re Dating A Geek When…

Jasmine: Andrew is away in Bangkok with his family for the next four days, getting Thai massages and riding scooters, whilst I have been busy preparing for my presentation at tomorrow’s all-day staff meeting. What fun, huh! Anyhow, I’ll be publishing a couple of backdated posts in the interim prior to my dear’s return… I can’t believe the next time I’ll be seeing him is next year (his flight is on Jan 1, heh).

This post was a contest to see which of us was geekier. I present to you: You Know You’re Dating a Geek When…

(On Jasmine as a geek)

1. She has an Etsy account.

2. She thinks Freck specs are the Next Big Thing.

Vintage Guy Laroche glasses studded with rubies- what’s not to like?

3. Short hair and glasses are her style signature, according to her students, who all started chopping off their hair and wearing thick-rimmed frames and said they were “copying Miss Ong”.

4. She emails you links to random articles on relationships, theology and street style that she thinks you will enjoy. (In fact, her last email was entitled “The art of folding pocket squares” and contained an annotated bibliography of websites and how-to videos.)

5. You receive a Teachers’ Survival Kit from her, complete with Brand’s Essence,Vitamin C tablets, Esprit socks, a corkboard and a portrait of you as a teacher.

6. She almost bought you Lego brick cufflinks once.

Orange LEGO Brick Cufflinks -FREE GIFT BAG- Retro Man Guys Dad Fun Gift 80's Dork Boy Groom Groomsmen Fathers Day sale

7. Her lifelong dream is to get married at Borders.

8. She blogs about her favourite geeky shirts, and devises her own rating system that ranges from MacBook to MacBook Pro.

9. During a discussion on how we should behave as a couple in front of friends, she suggests that we first think about how we behave in the private sphere, then discuss our behaviour in the public sphere and then look at how the both intersect.

10. Her idea of making small talk involves asking you to reflect on your “best professional qualities”.

11. She plans her working wardrobe by sketching every single piece of clothing and itemising them by providing a written description of the piece, along with the price and place of acquisition.

12. When you asked her if she would consider dating you, instead of giving you a straightforward answer, she waited till the next day, and scribbled “yes” on your lesson plan when class was over.

(On Andrew as a geek)

1.  He used to time how long it would take to walk from his place to the bookstore and back and factor it into his daily revision schedule so that he wouldn’t lose precious revision time.

2. He used to sign up for extra uncredited modules in University just because he was bored.

3. He creates a table in Microsoft Word to map out his ‘courtship’ plan with you over the 6 weeks. He sends the document over to you for vetting. He even password protects the document.

4. He plans dates with a pre, main and post activity structure.

5. He asks his close friend for tips on how to be a better boyfriend and summarises the converstion in the Notepad function of his handphone, so he has a hard copy in case he forgets.

6. He ‘googles’ ‘Acts of Modern Chivalry’.

7. He tags every macaroon in a photo on Facebook with the exact name of its flavour by doing ‘research’ on the bakery website.

First column on the left (Bottom to top): Ruby Macaroon, Dark Chocolate Ganache Infused with Raspberry, Pistachio Buttercream

Second column on the right (Top to bottom): Chocolat-Passion – Mik chocolate ganache with passion fruit, Macha Flavoured Macroons, Gianduja – 40% Milk Chocolate with peanut butter feuilletine crunch, Ruby Macaroon

8. He lets you read his diary and you see statements like, “Dear God, which are the areas in which I have subject mastery?”

9. After every play or exhibition that we attend, he insists on a debrief (not that she objects to it either – in fact, she adds on by asking questions like, “If you were to design the exhibition, how would you improve it?”) 

10. He writes down his ‘apology’ speech to you in his notebook and spends the afternoon rehearsing it before formally ‘apologising’ to you. He insists on apologising to your parents as well, just to show that he is serious.

Verdict: Andrew has successfully outgeeked Jasmine

3 responses to “You Know You’re Dating A Geek When…

  1. amen to that!! i just laughed at Andrew’s section!!

  2. hi, just passing by.
    LOL-ed at the geeky things done, its very funny and sweet at the same time!

  3. HAHAHA.
    i know we say this all the time, and i shall unabashedly say it again:
    when oh when will we all meet??

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