1st Geeky Date of 2010: ‘Building’ a Relationship

Andrew: We’d been wanting to check out the Quest for Immortality (i.e. dead Egyptians on display) exhibition for some time already. We couldn’t fit it into our Friday or Sunday schedule, hence today was the best day to go!

To my greatest dismay, I had once again forgotten to put in the digital SD card into my digital camera, hence the only photo I have of our ‘geeky’ museum date is:


Yo Pharaoh!

The posters claimed that there were over 230 artefacts. What they didn’t claim though was there were only 5 mummies and the rest of the 200 + items were random ancient toiletries, stationery, worktools, household display items, and, much to the delight of my Dearie, beautification tools (which were actually just mirrors and kohl eyeliner). I mean, seriously, after seeing one urn, all the others seemed the same, and how fascinating can a hieroglyphic chisel be?

I was most intrigued by the mummy which revealed 3 skeletons during the X-ray and CT-scan. It was actually the mummy of a mother who had died in childbirth and had been buried with her two infants. *shudder* The various death rituals and mummification procedures were rather fascinating as well. I found myself remembering Brendan Fraser in The Mummy, especially when I saw the 4 canopic jars that contained the deceased’s internal organs. (Jasmine: No no no hon… you did not just reference The Mummy!)

Andrew:  There was also a very fun display which they showed different amulets which they would place at different parts of the Mummy’s body. The placement of each amulet had each body part had a certain significance. You can read more about that from here.

However, the entire display took us less than an hour to finish and it was our most expensive museum visits thus far. We paid $16 per ticket, because I had conveniently cancelled my Mastercard two years ago and hence was not entitled to the 50% off. On top of that, I decided to park at the museum itself, hence subjecting myself to $7.50 parking fee (3 x $2.50 per hour – yes, we were in there for 3 hours!). We spent the rest of the time viewing photograph exhibition, a carrier bag exhibition and at the museum shop.

If you think that’s enough activities for one day, think again!

For those who read my blog, you would know that I received Dearie’s Christmas present in the mail today. It was a Lego Architecture set of the Guggenheim Museum, specially autographed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

(Jasmine: Erm, sorry to disappoint you dear, but the set was autographed by Adam Reed Tucker, who designed it. Frank Lloyd Wright died in 1959.)

Andrew: *sheepish look*

Anyway…. as I was saying, we came back home from the exhibition to assemble the Lego set.

We defined our roles very specifically from the outset to ensure maximisation of time and labour. One of us would look for the pieces needed, while the other would do the assembly and we would swop whenever we had completed about 13 pages on the instruction manual.

Warning: barrage of cliched captions below:

IMG_6663Building a strong foundation


Work in progress

IMG_6673 IMG_6672

Mission Accomplished


Built to last 

(Andrew: Jasmine just rested her hand on the coffee-coloured Lego wall a few minutes ago and it fell off. So much for structural solidity huh.)

And of course, the final geeky activity is to blog about our geeky date. We thought of describing our relationship using Lego metaphors but we realised that that would be too geeky even for us. (Jasmine: Actually, the metaphors have been woven into the captions above.)

Next up, Lego Taj Mahal!


  Image courtesy of geekologie.com


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