Rules and Resolutions to Live By in 2010

Andrew and Jazzy would like to wish our dear readers a happy new year!

3 things we’re thankful for about our other whole


1. Her ability to analyse any problem and identify the key issues for me.

2. Her constant reminders and ‘nagging’ at me to take care of myself. I truly appreciate it, Dearie.

3. Most importantly, hHer willingness to give and to sacrifice for me, to do things beyond her comfort zone just to meet my needs


1. The little everyday actions that show me that he cares: opening the car door for me, putting out his arm when he is braking so that I won’t be flung forward, covering me with his jacket when I fell asleep on the coach.

2. His willingness to lead, coupled with his openness to taking suggestions and seeking counsel- it’s a true mark of his honesty and humility.

3. Being sure about us in a time when we can be sure about so little else.

2 resolutions we’re breaking making


1. Exercise more regularly (at least twice a week) and train up for the marathon again

2. Ensure that I get sufficient rest and not burn out.

3. Become a better driver! (More familiar with the roads, drive faster with more confidence etc.)


1. Be nicer to service staff.

2. Drink more fruit juice and eat my veggies. (Ok, I seriously sound like I’m five years old.)

1 rule to live by

Andrew: Never to take for granted those who are dear to me.

Jasmine: Give until it hurts.

One response to “Rules and Resolutions to Live By in 2010

  1. A belated happy new year to you too!!! =p Hope both of you manage to stay on to your resolutions throughout the year! =)

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