A Valentines’ Day Tribute

[Written by Andrew]


A year ago, on Valentines’ Day, a group of NIE students dragged themselves out of bed at 9 a.m., on an early Saturday morning for a Literature field trip. We were just friends then, but you were a special friend.

We had late night conversations on MSN, geeking out over our projects, trying to think of how we could make our projects stand out from the rest. We teased each other, and I admit, I was usually the one out-witted. I remember you had ‘Be nice to Andrew’ days and I always took advantage of those days to tease you mercilessly and watch you try to hold back your insults. I remember how you got so upset when I mentioned that we were both eating the same amount for lunch. After that day, you hardly touched the deep fried chicken chop anymore. Thinking back of all the times we’ve spent at Long John Silvers, now I realise why that was one of the only full meals I often saw you eating at NIE.

We were only friends then, but we definitely did have lots of fun and a very special friendship.

Last week, as we walked to the Fullerton, for Arts in the City exhibition, I couldn’t help thinking how much we’ve grown as a couple over the past year. Over the past year, you’ve been my pillar of support, my listening ear, my shoulder to cry on. You’ve taken care of me and worried for me, even more than I’ve worried for myself. You’ve pampered me, provided for me, and gone out of your comfort zone to serve me and those who matter to me. You’ve been my voice of reason, my harshest critic and my creative director.


As our relationship matures, I’ve come to appreciate you not for the things that you do for me, but for who you are and what we share. I enjoy not only the activities we engage in, but the quality of time that we have with each other and how we can just be completely silly with each other – attempting to mimic animal sounds, attempting different variations of ‘laughter’, putting on a ‘ventriloquist’ act where you ‘act’ and I fill in the words. You’ve really helped me to experience new levels of joy in my life and you’ve helped me to laugh more genuinely than I’ve ever done before.

The start of the year has been a rough one, but here’s my promise to you my Dearie:

  1. I’ll continue to take care of you and learn how to better meet your needs (even if it means having to ignore your persistent requests for chips and monitor your carbohydrate intake. Heh.)
  2. I’ll continue to pamper you with romance and surprises. (Yes, you’ll be the girl that all other girls are jealous of.)
  3. I’ll continue to plan dates that are exciting and refreshing. (No more pre-, main, post structure. I’ll try to go for a date structure that’s more fluid and dynamic. Heh.)
  4. I’ll continue to support you in all the things that matter to you, be it teaching, cell, family and most importantly,
  5. I’ll continue to love you, treasure you and never take you for granted.

Happy Valentines’ Day, my Darling. Thank you for being the love of my life.


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