Chinese New Dear (Bad Rhyme But It Works)

Jasmine: So, our very first Valentine’s Day was also the very first day of CNY. After an intense fortnight of clothes-shopping, Mr Chong came away with three shirts from Springfield (one pictured below) and two pairs of G2000 pants, and I scored this GG5 dress (pictured below) at 70% off at the outlet store in Compasspoint!

[Andrew: Shopping for New Year clothes has never been this fun. We were really on a roll. After buying the purple shirt, I almost immediately spotted a white shirt which was rather unconventional in terms of its lining and cutting, and a striped pink shirt. It was ‘love at first sight’ and I couldn’t resist buying them. Yes, I’m aware I’m adopting my Dearie’s shopping lingo. Jasmine got a bit too excited and decided to throw in some socks (which I agree with) and another small sling-bag – at which point I told her, “I think we’re getting carried away.” I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually quite enjoy shopping now – and all the credit goes to my Dearie, of course.

I haven’t mentioned too that Jasmine has the best taste. We went to Springfield with a mission to get that purple shirt, because my Dearie knew that it would definitely look good on me – and she was right!]

[Andrew: I had no idea the shirt was so starkly purple, but Jasmine says that the lighting in her house is extraordinarily good, so I’ll just attribute it to that.]

Jasmine: We visited my mum’s side and his dad’s side of the family. Here’s us tormenting playing with my cute little cousin, Ansel:

So fatherly hor… referring to my dad in the background, of course 😛

[Andrew: Ansel is one of the most adorable babies ever. In the scene above, we offered him a choice between an ang-pow and an orange. He chose the orange. Aww… And his face literally lights up when he sees himself in the mirror. We had a lot of fun making him play peek-a-boo with himself in front of Popo’s mirror. Heh.]

Jasmine: Most people don’t know this but Andrew loves children (whether they love him back is another matter entirely). Once, when my three boy cousins were jumping all over him, I tried to stage an intervention and asked if he needed saving. His reply as he ran past me: “Oh, don’t worry, I invented this game!”

Eye accessories are a must for watching Discovery Channel (mine are my new Miu Miu geek glasses!)

Jasmine: We also had a very swanky lunch with Andrew’s family at Keyaki, a Japanese restaurant at Pan Pacific Hotel on the second day of the Lunar New Year. It’s so posh that when the sliding door opens, you are not greeted by a typical cafe setting, but a frickin’ Japanese landscape garden.

Andrew’s new shirt from Springfield -Mr Chong had been looking for a white shirt forever and the panelled seaming on this had a really slimming effect- and my dress from Far East (I actually put it back on the rack because it was too pricey, but when we went back two days later it was 50% off!)

With its own bubbling brook and outdoor pavilion.



Overall I guess the meal was average.

OK. Who am I kidding?

It was quite amazing for a girl who’s never really done fine dining in her life! I really enjoyed my tempura, the sashimi was particularly fresh and my dear and I even had room to polish off a macha green tea ice-cream with red beans. Thank you Uncle for the treat.

IMG_7837 IMG_7835

IMG_7838 IMG_7843

Andrew’s family also had fun ribbing him about when it would be his turn to treat his family to a good meal. I kept quiet during this part- didn’t think they’d take up my suggestion of Popeye’s, heh.

As for Valentine’s, it was a simple affair, drowned out in large part by the CNY festivities. However, on Sunday morning, Mr Chong told me to expect a surprise package (which I thought meant mail), and he promptly delivered a bouquet of pink tulips that he had selected and wrapped himself! (Mr Chong later confessed that he had roped in my mum as a consultant via sms)

[Andrew: More about the bouquet in the next entry.]

Jasmine: My dear’s gonna write about flowers? On his own accord? Will wonders never cease?!

He gave me little surprises throughout the day, such as a card and a bag of Japanese chips, which we snuck into our midnight movie… No prizes for guessing, we caught Valentine’s Day. Along with like, a dozen other couples.

We also gave each other our presents! Earlier during the week, we’d agreed that we wouldn’t spend more than $100 on a gift.

Mr Chong got me a really lovely white jewelry case that he picked out all on his own… Thank you my dear!

And I’d been pestering Mr Chong to make over his room, so I decided to start the ball rolling by buying him bedsheets!

These aren’t ordinary bedsheets hor. They have a 500-thread count, and they’re from Intero (which is the sister brand of Balmain, the legendary French fashion house). Plus the print resembled chemical molecules, which I thought fitting for a geeky guy’s bedroom!

[Andrew: I’m really impressed by how much thought goes into the presents that Jasmine buys for me. She told me that she knew I would be uncomfortable if she made any changes to my room which were too drastic – which is definitely true! Hence, she decided to go with bedsheets, something subtle, and yet significantly changes the colour scheme of the room. How brilliant!]

Jasmine: I wanted to hand make a collage and get Andrew a white picture frame for the wall too, but couldn’t find one no matter how many film shops I visited. Guess he’ll have to make do with this baby picture of me in the meantime.

Andrew says that his mum is now asking him to change his curtains… With Auntie’s backing, our design project can finally go forward! Whee! Watch this space for our next Ikea date -innocent smile-

(Update: I also splurged on a February the 17th gift for Mr Chong: a Clarins men’s moisturiser revitalising gel. And there was a gift with purchase offer, so Mr Chong is now the proud owner of a Clarins travel kit consisting of aftershave, liquid soap, cleanser, and most importantly… SPF 30 sunscreen. Hallelujah!)

But the best part of V-day was the part we didn’t plan-

When we got back to the car, I blurted out, “Dear, shall we dance?”

“Sure. But how?”

“Turn on the radio. Open your car door. Get out and open mine.”

He gallantly offered his hand.

So we danced, two geeks in the moonlight, in a carpark at Kallang Stadium, as the world watched us go by.


One response to “Chinese New Dear (Bad Rhyme But It Works)

  1. wow! the bedroom definitely looks more organised! way to go jasmine!

    but what’s up with so many pillows?

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