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Swedish Surprises

[Written by Andrew]

One of the keys to romance is ‘surprise’. A close friend of mine once told me that regardless of whether a girl is romantic or not, all girls love surprises. Well, here’s another fact – guys love surprises too! And Jasmine always manages to surprise me from time to time.

On Saturday, Dearie messaged me at night, asking me to come to her place 10 minutes earlier because ‘she wanted to talk to me about something’.

That really left me intrigued, but I didn’t want to ask more. Little did I know what she had up her sleeves. The first clue I had was when I entered her home and her mum told me, “She’s cooking up a storm.” Heh. ( The words ‘cooking’ and ‘storm’ somehow always go together with my Dearie, especially when her family’s describing it.)

So I made my way into the kitchen and to my greatest surprise and delight, I saw Dearie preparing a sumptuous breakfast for me:

IMG_7851 Dearie frying the corned beef


The slice of bread with egg was already prepared before I came. This looks like a seemingly simple ‘french toast’, but it is actually more complex than it looks. It is actually a ‘Swedish’ sandwich. Dearie actually used the scissors to ‘cut out’ a heart shape in the middle of the slice of bread. She then put the bread on the frying pan and fried the egg within the heart shape that she cut out! Amazing, isn’t it!

Unfortunately, the ‘heart shape’ doesn’t appear so clearly on pictures, but I could definitely see it:

IMG_7852The complete breakfast platter

I had a surprise of my own planned for Dearie that day, but it definitely pales in comparison to what she prepared. I got her her usual ‘breakfast’, specially tailored to her dietary requirements.

Now, that definitely pales in comparison to what she prepared for me.

I enjoyed my great Swedish breakfast while my Dearie got ready for church. I know that cooking isn’t my Dearie’s favourite thing to do, but knowing that I love to eat, she has definitely gone the extra mile. I guess the old saying that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” still rings true today eh. Thanks Dearie for a great start to our Sunday together! 🙂