It’s the Little Things

A random post about a motley assortment of bric brac

Andrew: When I brought my laptop bag to a prayer meeting once, Marcus commented that Jasmine should get me a new bag.

Jasmine: Well… So I guess the next best thing to buying Andrew a new bag is to blog about what’s in our bags!

While Andrew was blogging just now, I got a wee bit bored and decided to snap pictures  of our belongings. This may seem somewhat wu liao, but it may serve to illustrate how different we are.

Exhibit #1: Phones


His very corporate-looking Nokia E72, and my very pink, tiny D&G Jalou (it’s only 84 grams, which makes it rather handy for slipping into evening clutches, and getting totally lost in all other bags).

[Andrew: Of course, to say that I only focus on ‘function’ would be under-stating the fact that I did select this limited edition bronze coloured version of the E72 as opposed to the usual silver or black versions. Heh. I must say I’m rather pleased with this purchase as I can now take sermon notes in my phone as well instead of having to bring a laptop and I can refer to my sermon notes while taking public transport.]

[Jazzy: Ok, fair enough, so what if the phone looks like a refrigerator? At least it’s a limited edition bronze refrigerator?’]

Exhibit #2: Accessories


Andrew’s accessories are all about function. We liked the deconstructed look of the exposed mechanisms of his Kenneth Cole watch, which (I like to think) makes him look serious and reliable [Andrew: And hopefully, sophisticated.] , and of course, his trusty camera.



In comparison, my red lipstick from Chanel and DIY rainbow pedicure, though somewhat smudged after a droplet of water from my laundry splattered on the still wet varnish (I couldn’t decide on one colour yesterday, so I decided to use all three)!

[Andrew: Dearie is into a ‘lipstick’ season now where she’s been experimenting with her three different lipstick colours every date. Today, she even considered changing lipstick colour within the same date. Heh.]

Exhibit #3: Essentials


Jasmine: When I excavated the contents of Andrew’s laptop bag (yes, he’s still toting that around), I found a laptop (duh), folded-up church newspaper, battered Bible, office lanyard and a packet of tissue paper (he’s the one who brings the tissue paper).

[Andrew: I guess you can see.. erm. some ‘colour’ coordination there, all… blue?]


Andrew: As you can see, Dearie’s ‘necessities’ are much more ‘colourful’ and cuter than mine, with a running ‘Japanese’ theme amongst these necessities of hers. In the foreground, we have Oyako-chan, a Christmas gift from Stephie off e-bay. Immediately behind that is a spectacle case from Kokon Tozai, proudly sponsored by yours truly and of course we have the Hello Kitty ‘Air Mail’ wallet that Dearie bought from Shanghai. I really like the Hello Kitty Wallet too!

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