Surprise Breakfast #2

Andrew: Once in a while, Dearie will surprise me by preparing a special breakfast on Sundays. The ‘hint’ that she will give is normally to tell me to come 10 minutes earlier than usual and I’ll know she has something special prepared for me.

The last time it was the yummy Swedish breakfast – slice of bread with an egg-filled ‘heart’ cut-out in the centre with corned beef. So, what did Dearie have up her sleeve this time?

I came to her place early and she asked me to sit myself comfortably in the living room and wait patiently for breakfast. In the meantime, I heard a lot of hollering from the kitchen from Dearie and her mum about what was the right heat, whether it was ready and when she should turn them. She then came to me to tell me, they would take a while longer. After a while, I couldn’t wait anymore and decided to take a peek at what was going on in the kitchen:


And to my greatest surprise, I saw:


Lovely ice-cream waffles, generously garnished with summer berries and maple syrup.


As usual, Dearie spared no expense in terms of preparing the food aesthetically as well.

I had spoken to Dearie before about how I used to have waffles very frequently for breakfast when I was in UK and how I loved them with various sorts of spreads and ice-cream.

So, she surprised me pleasantly by going to Cold Storage before to buy the waffles, ice-cream and many summer fruits – strawberries, raspberries and blue berries.

IMG_8237The dessert chef!

IMG_8239 Getting ready to tuck in
(No, I did not eat all 3 plates of waffles. The other two plates were shared amongst her mum, father and sister.)

I finished up the waffles in ten minutes and left for church that day feeling very contented, blessed and full. What a great start indeed to my Sunday! Thank you, Dearie!


One response to “Surprise Breakfast #2

  1. Awwww how sweet of Jasmine to prepare waffles for your breakfast! heehee…. =p

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