Hong Kong Never Sleeps, And Neither Do We: Part Uno

[This post is mostly written by Jasmine. Yes, this is an extremely overdue post and that’s my fault! – Andrew]

“Travel does what good novelists also do to the life of everyday, placing it like a picture in a frame or a gem in its setting, so that the intrinsic qualities are made more clear. Travel does this with the very stuff that everyday life is made of, giving to it the sharp contour and meaning of art.” –Freya Stark

During the March holidays Andrew and I managed to squeeze in a sorely-needed break in Hong Kong, where we stuffed ourselves silly on dimsum, met up with long-lost friends (ok not that long… I guess 3 years for Wing and I was still too short), and like a true-blue tourist, took photos with my Minnie Mouse ears everywhere.

[Andrew: Yes, Dearie really loved those Minnie Mouse ears and wanted to wear them everywhere (not just in photos). Heh.]

Andrew and I in Macau:

At The Venetian hotel, where we had a discussion on simulacrum

At St Paul’s Ruins, where we were "very task-oriented", according to Andrew. We only had 20 min before we had to make our way back to the ferry terminal, so we took precisely four photos in front of the cathedral, and turned back without even bothering to climb up.

[Andrew: In addition to taking photo with this landmark cathedral, we also managed to buy souvenirs for our families. We tried out a few samples of almond cookies and bought a few boxes back. I really loved the almond biscuits, especially those which were warmed up.]

Back in Hong Kong, we also headed to The Peak, where we went crazy over a children’s playground and chilled out at the Haagen Dazs cafe (my treat!):

And of course, we also met Andrew’s friends and mine, who played the part of the cheerful, generous and knowledgeable hosts to the hilt:

Amhawan and his girlfriend, Lisa, who brought us around to try a great Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, a dimsum breakfast and egg tarts:

[Andrew: Aside from the great food recommendations, Armhawan also gave us lots of tips on where to stay, which places to go to in Macau and what the best way of getting around is. Thanks Armhawan!]

Wing, Doreen, Charlene, Jennifer, Nicholas and Florence, for treating up to Japanese food and for bringing us out for drinks at Lan Kwai Fong (but since everyone had to work the next day, the standard order was juice!)

[Andrew: It was interesting indeed listening to Jasmine’s friends telling me about her shopping antics during her Edinburgh days, about how they would get delayed because she was looking for that pair of Birkies. Heh. Looks like some things never change!]


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