Hong Kong Never Sleeps, And Neither Do We

[Apologies for such a back-dated entry! Going to Universal Studios just gave me renewed inspiration to write this post. I’d been stuck on it for a while. – Andrew]

Andrew: When we first planned the trip to Hong Kong, neither of us really wanted to go to Hong Kong Disneyland as we had heard a lot of negative feedback about it. Furthermore, we’d already been to other Disneylands and wanted to explore the more ‘cultural’ (i.e. food for me, shopping for Jasmine) aspects of Hong Kong. However, on the flight to Hong Kong, I recalled that my sister had always wanted to go to Hong Kong Disneyland and felt that I really wanted to go there just as a means of fulfilling her ‘unfulfilled wish’. Dearie agreed to go, though I know it wouldn’t have been her first choice and it was a really enjoyable day for us.

I thought it was brilliant how they created the Disney experience for us even before we arrived at Disneyland. The train which brought us to Disneyland had ‘Mickey-shaped’ windows, Mickey-shaped handles to hold on to and various golden sculptures of Disney characters throughout the carriages.

IMG_7905 IMG_7906

IMG_7919Dearie with our tickets – Donald for me, Minnie for her (oh, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Minnie later on in the photos). 





Shots along Mainstreet U.S.A.:


 IMG_7937 IMG_7932

I read an article recently which mentioned that all the buildings along Mainstreet in Disneyland are actually ‘slanted’ towards the Disney Castle, to direct attention and focus on the castle and to make it look ‘bigger’ as you walk along the street.

IMG_7941 One of our best shots with the Disney Castle
(and the first appearance of the Minnie ears in this blog-post)

[Jasmine: I really liked the Minnie ears but thought they were overpriced, but Mr Chong insisted on buying them for me. So sweet 🙂 ]

The rides:

Space Mountain

IMG_7948Andrew: Dearie’s face is unfortunately blocked, but if you look closely you can see how badly I’m screaming throughout this ride. Yes, I screamed much more than Jasmine during this ride. Doesn’t mean I’m more timid – just means that I know how to have a good time? Right, Dear?

[Jasmine: When the ride first started, I thought Andrew was just yelling for  the fun of it. However, as his screams became shriller and louder, I realised he was truly terrified. Poor dearie.]

It’s a Small World


IMG_7959  IMG_7962

Jasmine: It’s A Small World was one of those classic attractions that we had to go to.  When I was in Paris Disneyland, the queue for this ride was way too long so I was pretty keen on seeing it here in HK. Besides, I was having a stomache-ache that day so any ride that allowed me to sit down was a plus. 

Andrew: Aww… poor dearie. -pats Jasmine’s back-

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh



Andrew: Both these kiddie rides has extremely long queues, but we enjoyed ourselves during the queue by snapping pictures and getting ‘caught up’ in the fantasy of being in another ‘world’ of Disney characters. 🙂 The Winnie the Pooh queue was fun because they had enlarged pages of a Winnie the Pooh ‘story’ put up on the walls, so I was trying to piece together the storyline before sitting on the ride. Typical Lit major huh:


Jungle River Cruise


IMG_8002 IMG_8006

Andrew: I thought that this was the coolest ride of all. The animals were realistic enough and it did quite a good job in ‘scaring’ you to believe that there was an angry fire-breathing monster in a cave.

Jasmine: Maybe just Andrew.

Fun shots

IMG_7929Who knew that Mickey was capable of such violence? (Or is it Minnie’s fist we’re seeing?)


Introducing more violence into Disneyland. Now, a wrestle with the bucket carrying broom-stick!


Dearie, still staying stylish. Heh.


Winnie was the only Disney character we bothered to queue up for a shot with.

I have fond memories of Winnie the Pooh stories being read to me during my childhood and the cartoons I watched with Winnie gulping down pots of honey. That cartoon always made honey seem so yummy!  


This was taken after our final ride at Space Invaders. Us saying Bye to Disneyland 🙂

And of course, the fireworks:



Andrew: It was really a good break from ‘reality’ for us to be at Disneyland, to just forget about all our duties and responsibilities and immerse ourselves in the dream world. And of course, it was even more meaningful because I spent it with my Dearie. 🙂

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