Our Art Obsession Part 2

Andrew: We originally wanted to write about all 3 components of our arts obsession in one entry, but ended up getting too carried away with the Children’s Season exhibition. Other than the Children’s Season exhibition, another exhibition we went to during the 1st week of term 3 was a David Doubilet photo exhibition titled “Water Light Time” at L2 Space Gallery, which is becoming one of my favourite galleries.

IMG_8642This photo greeted us upon entry into the gallery, and of course, Dearie got extremely excited as ‘Mr Books’ (the penguin bag) got a chance to be reunited with his ‘brothers’. We thought this was an extremely good choice of photograph to welcome visitors into the exhibition as the warmth of the setting sun really contrasted perfectly with the stark black and white colours of the penguins. As opposed to many shots which were clearly photographic due to their composition and light play, the close-up of the penguins made it seem as if I had really just ‘walked into this scene’.

The rest of the photographs on display were extremely awe-inspiring and left the both of us gaping in amazement at his craft, but also at the beauty of the ocean.

He invented a special split lens camera which allowed him to take pictures above and below the water simultaneously. The exhibition featured many of these shots

(Photo taken from Doubilet’s personal website at http://daviddoubilet.com.)

Baby green sea turtle French polynesia 

Papuan fisherman fishes from an outrigger as baitfish swirl below in Raja Ampat Indonesia  

(Photos taken from http://www.divephotoguide.com/)

I really liked the photo of the Papuan fisherman as it was the serenity of the fisherman was juxtaposed so perfectly with the  bustling life of nature.

Another series of photos in this exhibition was the nudibranch series which was so cute! Nudibranches are sea slugs living at the bottom of the ocean which are poisonous, but extremely beautiful and colourful when their defense mechanisms come up. Doubilet apparently brought down into the ocean a little photo studio of his own, equipped with white screens and proper lighting so that he could do studio photography of these nudibranches:



(Photos taken from http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/)

Look at how vibrant the colours are and these creatures look so human! If you are interested in how he actually took these photos, check out this link here. I really enjoyed this exhibition very much and it inspired me to want to try scuba-diving sometime.

For those keen on checking out the exhibition, it runs until 18th July at the L2 Space Gallery. If you’re keen on photograph exhibitions, there’s another underwater photograph exhibition taking place at The Arts House as well. We’ll probably be checking out that exhibition soon!

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