Top Chef (of eggs)

Delicious breakfasts specially cooked by Dearie

Our brunch during one of the days of our National Day break –

IMG_8749 Wonderfully fluffy scrambled eggs generously sprinkled with rosemary and oregano, cherry tomatoes, pork sausage and
a slice of garlic bread. Dearie’s seriously getting good at her scrambled eggs – the texture of the eggs this time was just perfect!

Dearie puts so much attention even into the plate selected for the dish. She chose a plate with a dark and rough look to highlight the brightness of the cherry tomatoes and the omelette! Doesn’t it just look so delicious?

And her latest inspiration….


Garlic bread prepared ‘french toast’ style (i.e. soaked with eggs) and chilli, bacon and a Spanish melon salad.

The original recipe made use of crumpets/ muffins which we couldn’t find in NTUC, hence Dearie had to make do with garlic bread – it still turned out great! The Spanish melon was a genius idea as it added a delightful sweetness which complemented the saltiness of the bacon and bread very well. I especially liked the chilli too and asked Dearie for more of it. 🙂

Jasmine: This recipe was inspired by an English breakfast I saw Jamie Oliver whip up on TV.  After toasting the garlic bread lightly, I soaked it in egg batter with shredded thyme and fried it once more!


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