Who says we can’t do short entries?

Andrew: As a continuation of a ‘Roles we play’ series we did last year, Dearie and I will now review some of the performances/ movies we’ve watched over the past few months. We’ve been watching a lot more movies this term as compared to our first year of dating, probably because it’s the most relaxing way to spend time together – plus we love geeking out by dissecting every aspect of the film. 🙂

We’ve decided to make this post different by adhering to the principle, ‘brevity is the soul of wit’. Hence, each ‘review’ will be 7 words or less.

Here’s the rundown of some of the more memorable shows we watched:

Art-House Movies


Andrew: Moving without being melodramatic.

Jasmine: Breakthrough performances and gritty realism: combustible!

Berlin 36

Andrew: Succeeded more as a documentary than a drama.

Jasmine: A lot of story, but no heart.

Mainstream Films


Andrew: A mediocre script enlivened by stunning performances.

Jasmine: Where can I get Gong Li’s cheongsams?


Andrew: Full of twists and turns.

Jasmine: Watch this to pass time.

The Joneses

Andrew: Social satire dumbed down to romantic comedy.

Jasmine: Billed as zeitgeist film; missed the mark.

Hurt Locker (Home Rental)

Jasmine: Felt like 4th member of bomb squad.

Andrew: So, what does the title mean?

Theatre productions

Chestnuts 3D

[This is a yearly performance written by Jonathan Lim poking fun at key events in Singapore over the year.]

Andrew: Who says Singaporean lack self-irony?

Jasmine: Uncomfortably crass, offset only by Ris satire.

Jasmine: So whose commentaries do you think were better? Leave your “vote” in the comments section- Andrew and I have agreed that the loser will treat the winner to ice-cream!

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