Joyeux anniversaire Mon Cheri!

Jasmine: A post that’s part French, part food, part fashion and all princess…


12 pm

On my birthday itself, we had brunch at Choupinette, a quaint little French bistro. Andrew chose this place and he really chose well- it was me to a tee, from the decor to the music to the fact that you could pore over fashion magazines while lunching.



Oh yes, and the brunch sets were pretty good too.



My birthday “cake”- a dark chocolate eclair!


(The volume button on my dress is so that I can “mute” Andrew’s singing. Keeps malfunctioning though.)

[Andrew: It was extremely difficult to find a good French place to go to on a Sunday for lunch. A place I was intending to go to had shut down, another one wasn’t open on Sunday and my second last choice didn’t serve lunch on Sundays. I’m so glad we managed to find this place and even happier that Dearie loved it so much! I was also drawn to this place because the reviews claimed that it served really good eggs royale (Dearie’s favourite) and dark chocolate eclairs (also Dearie’s favourite) – hence the ‘eclair’ birthday cake! The owner of Choupinette was very friendly as well and very proactive in helping me set up the ‘eclair’ birthday surprise while Dearie went to the washroom. Extra points for great service!

What Jasmine forgot to include was a random photo-shoot that we had after lunch:


Really sad story here. We wanted to separate the ‘Happy Birthday’ helium balloon (which you’ll see later) from the rest of the coloured balloons we are holding here. As I was separating it, I tugged too hard and didn’t realise that I wasn’t holding on to the ‘string’ attached to the helium balloon and it just drifted away! Argh!]


(Okay, so this picture has nothing to do with anything. I’m just showing off my dress from Holland V.)

3 pm

Jasmine: And after that, Mr Chong proceeded to grant a lifelong wish by gallantly offering to sponsor a shopping spree at Far East! (Nothing really caught my eye though, and besides, I felt rather strange “using” his money, so we came away empty-handed.)

[Andrew: Of course I had back up in the case where Dearie didn’t manage to find anything she liked. Frankly I was quite surprised because the other times we’d been there, she’d always be able to find at least 3 items which she wanted to buy.]

Jasmine: And as is our usual practice, we had an(other) improvised photoshoot at the Goodwood Park Hotel carpark just opposite Far East!

IMG_8877 IMG_8862

(Andrew wears Springfield shirt; Jazzy wears fake Marc Jacobs (Marc Fakobs??) dress)

Jasmine: We also ventured into the hotel lobby for some choice shots… Nobody stopped us, and in fact a well-suited member of staff even asked us if we needed help. I guess the secret of not getting caught for trespassing is to fake it till you make it.


 6 pm

Jasmine: We then proceeded to Wild Honey, one of my favourite restaurants, for dinner… which was a painful experience for Andrew, who spent ages slowly chomping his steak sandwich but finally gave up.


(I was wearing an outer space tee from Tsumori Chisato; Andrew was just spaced out after too much chewing)

[Andrew: It was a Vietnamese pork sandwich actually and I should mention too that I had my wisdom tooth extraction a few days ago, hence making it extremely difficult to chew. Nonetheless, in spite of the pain it caused me, I still managed to enjoy it. We’ll be back again to Wild Honey!]

720 pm

And in keeping with the French theme, we caught Heartbreaker!

And of course, Mr Chong being Mr Chong -meticulous and detail-oriented- had paid special attention to finishing touches. Here are three:

#1 Helium balloons

The day before, he picked me up from cell group, and I discovered a surprise waiting in his car:


(Blowfish tee from Threadless)

I had been hinting to him about how dreamy it would be to take pictures with a bunch of balloons, so we did… everywhere we went.

IMG_8857 IMG_8865

Even the pavement along which we parked the car was not spared from the photo blitz.

[Andrew: Getting the balloons was no easy task, requiring me to drive to part of Singapore I don’t usually go to with extremely challenging parking and walking a considerable distance to the balloon place. I had to time it specially such that I collected it only half an hour below the balloon placed closed as the helium balloons only have a 5-8 hour life-span. And of course, walking with helium balloons can be quite challenging when it gets even mildly windy. Heh. However, to see the smile on Dearie’s face when she got them was priceless 🙂

This is how they looked like when I first got them:


Okay, back to Jasmine….]

#2 (Brace yourselves) …Tiara

Jasmine: Another cute flourish was the tiara that weighed it down! (Am a little embarrassed now that the truth is out. I  bet even my thirteen-year-old cousin would scoff at the idea of wearing a tiara, but dare I say I secretly loved it! We –ok, I—was taking pictures with the tiara at Choupinette when a little girl at the next table looked over rather longingly. I offered to loan her my crown but I think she was shy.)

IMG_8852 IMG_8835 

[Andrew: When the lady at the balloon shop offered me a tiara as an option for a ‘weight’ to hold the balloons down, I thought to myself, ‘WOW. This is perfect for my dearie’s ‘princess’ themed birthday!’. 🙂 I’m glad she loved it so much. Heh.]

#3 Flowers!

And of course, flowers- each bouquet more gorgeous than the previous…


Hydrangeas and roses

[Andrew: There’s again another long story behind this bouquet. I asked Dearie to tell me what her favourite flowers were and out of the list (which included calla lillies, old English roses, purple hydrangeas), none of them could be found in any local florists! So I had to settle for blue hydrangeas. It was quite an arduous journey getting these flowers to us too. I had arranged for them to arrive the day before to her place to surprise her when we returned from church. However, there was nobody at her place to receive them and when they called us at church, we didn’t pick up! Hence the flowers had to be sent back and it foiled my plan to have a ‘double surprise’ on the day before her birthday. I arranged for the flowers to be sent to my place on Sunday and then made a ‘surprise’ drive back to my place after lunch to collect the flowers for Dearie. They were already ‘browning’ by then but I’m glad Dearie still loved them so much.]

Jasmine: To my dear- you know how they say there’s a younger person inside every older person? Well, firstly, I’m not old and never will be *denial alert*, and secondly, you made me feel like a kid again! Albeit a kid who eats French food but still… In a good way.

On my birthday, you were not just my boyfriend but also my fairy godmother, making my wishes come true. I know the day wasn’t perfect for you but it was for me. Merci mon cheri.

Andrew: I really enjoyed spending this birthday with you too my Dearie. Even though things didn’t work out as planned, it was the time spent together and the smile I saw on your face that brought real joy to me too. Happy Birthday my dear princess! 🙂

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  1. Andrew, you didn’t match with Jasmine’s princess-sy outfit…

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