A few of our favourite things

Andrew: Now that the holidays have come around, Dearie and I have more time to do things like:


Okay, maybe this is more my favourite thing than Dearie’s ‘favourite’ thing, but I do believe she’s getting much better at it ever since her cell group got her a recipe notebook for her birthday (best present ever, by the way! Heh). I always enjoy cooking together with Dearie and enjoying the ‘fruits’ of our labour after!


The photo above shows our second attempt at Mac and Cheese. Our first attempt was a big failure as we tried to make cheese sauce in a sauce pan (inspired by Seah Street Deli). The cheese refused to melt into the milk and what we were left with was a rubbery, ‘pancake’ of tasteless cheese with cheese-tasting and yellowish milk around it.

The second attempt, on the other hand, was a great success! We added cream of mushroom to the mix and baked the whole mixture instead of trying to make a separate cheese sauce. The cheese melted nicely and the cream of mushroom added more flavour to the whole dish. My family loved this dish a lot too and finished it all.

We also made mushroom soup and garlic butter rice a few days after – the mushroom soup turned out really good! I know I say ‘we’, but I’ll have to admit that most of the directing was done by Jasmine and I was merely the kitchen helper.  Of course, mushroom soup was the first dish Dearie and I cooked together and that made the meal that much more special.

Go for exhibitions


(Picture taken from sipf.sg

Titled Tout of Mr Charlie, by Nanda Kim)

There’s nothing I enjoy more than going to an art/photo exhibition with my Dearie and geeking out as we take apart and analyze the various art pieces. Jasmine’s the only one who can tolerate my geekiness (and vice versa), so we really had a great time this week at the Human Faces exhibition at National Museum talking about hyper-reality, symbolism, photos as paintings and demarcation of spaces within these extremely thought-provoking shots.

Enjoy good food together

We dropped by the latest ice-cream place near Dearie’s place, Coccogelo, and sampled many of their great flavours. We finally bought a double-scoop of Pistachio and Banana Crumble. This place serves the best Pistachio ice-cream I’ve ever tasted and I usually don’t even like Pistachio! Other flavours we’ll definitely try in the future – blueberry cheesecake and coconut honey. There are so many other good food places I’d like to check out and I’m planning to seize the holiday period to go for many of the cheaper lunch offers at good restaurants.

One of the greatest things about being teachers is that we have the school holidays. I hope we get the chance to do more of our favourite things together this holidays so that we will be fully recharged and ready for the year ahead!

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