A Celebration and a Half

Andrew: We celebrated our 18th Anniversary with a special dinner at Chef Willin Low’s Wild Rocket. We had quite high expectations of it based on friend’s recommendations and our great experience at Relish (the burgers there are the best ever!). Having heard a lot too about the fusion cuisine there, I was very keen to see how it would turn out.

Wild Rocket is located at Wilkin Road on Mount Emily. The location is quaint and suitably quiet, making it a great location for a romantic night out. Parking is easy and free too (always a plus point). I really liked the ambience of the place and the food was mostly good too!


The bread is often an indicator of the quality of the rest of the food. We quite liked the texture of Wild Rocket’s bread as it was light and fluffy. We asked for another serving, which was much better as it came to us piping hot. Our appetizer was the “Fried Shitake noodles with grilled Polenta” (polenta is Italian corn bread). Unfortunately we were too hungry and forgot to take a picture of it, but you can see how it looks like here. Dearie liked the polenta and I liked the ‘shitake’ noodles more. The blend of flavours was alright, but nothing amazing. Dearie even said she could make it!


A short fashion interlude – Dearie’s crazy, “fashion-forward” top with multi-coloured clips all over. Almost everyone commented on at Cindy’s baby-shower earlier in the day! Her family joked that they could hang stuff on this top. Heh.

For main course, I had the  Soya Sauce Pork Cannelloni which I thought was excellent. IMG_8921 The textures of the cannelloni skin, cheese and pork just melded so perfectly together such that you really just wanted to savour each bite. The serving wasn’t very huge, but I took same amount of time that it took Dearie to finish her pasta. That’s how much I loved it! 

Dearie had the Laksa Pesto Pasta with Tiger Prawns and Quail Eggs. The laksa and pesto went surprisingly well together, creating a very unique local spice and herb flavour. I found it rather refreshing initially. Dearie found it too spicy though and I had to agree with her as the spiciness got a bit too overwhelming even after I had only 3 fork-fuls of this. Perhaps they should provide diners with an option on the ‘spice-level’ for this dish too. The prawns were really juicy and fresh and the quail eggs were merely to add to the ‘laksa’ feel of it. The taste didn’t win me over, but I appreciated the fun factor in ‘fusing’ both cultures in this dish! In fact, I would describe our dining experience here as truly ‘fun’ as the dish names were rather intriguing and you really didn’t know what to expect until the dish arrived.  IMG_8922

Now on to the desserts! We both felt though that the desserts were the highlight of the meal. Both desserts that we had were truly outstanding and indeed a good ‘fusion’ of local and western flavours.

I had the Gula Melaka & Ginger creme brulee and Dearie had the Lychee Martini and White Chocolate Tart.


The flavours were just amazing in both of these desserts – original, subtle and not cloyingly sweet like most European desserts. It was truly a gastronomic experience of discovering new dessert flavours. 

Of course, it being our 18th anniversary celebration, I shouldn’t just be talking all about the food! We enjoyed ourselves tremendously that night as we chatted about various topics and Dearie, as always, teased me mercilessly as I shared with her an ambition/dream of mine that I hadn’t shared with others before. I remembered laughing a lot that night and thinking to myself that it’s only with her that I laugh so much. Thank you, Dear, for a wonderful night and for an amazing 18th months together.


Happy 18th month anniversary!

(The other ‘half’ of the celebration will be followed-up in another blog entry…)

3 responses to “A Celebration and a Half

  1. Thanks for the link! Happy anniversary to the both of you! =) I’m keeping a lookout for your next entry, cheers.

    • No problem about the link. Just to let you know, I read your blog very often and rely on it for some of our food hunts!

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