Our First Love

Andrew: After going on the mission trip with Jasmine’s cell group earlier this year, I was quite excited at the prospect of another mission trip. Marcus always shared with us how he and Cindy went on mission trips together often before they got married and looks like we are also following their ‘pattern’. (Jasmine: Who says I want to marry you… so presumptuous.) Indeed, this mission trip was once again a great opportunity for us to work together once again and direct our energies towards serving others as a couple.

This mission trip was rather different from the previous one. It was a much more hectic mission trip with lots of planning and execution, but the fact that most of it was held in an air-con hall made it less grueling than the previous mission trip. As Jasmine has already mentioned, we organised a 3 day camp for kids with activities like:

Ice-breaker Games




Treasure Hunt

Making of Greeting Cards


Balloon Sculpting


Dearie and I both learnt so much from this mission trip and one of the most important things this trip did for me was to bring me back to our first love – the reasons why I fell for Dearie in the first place. Working together with Jasmine reminded me once again of how much I enjoyed working with her so much in NIE. Although she was initially apprehensive about going on a mission trip with a group of guys whom she hardly knew, she really rose up to the occasion and worked very well with the cell guys, both the younger and older guys.

Dearie did very well with the kids too. She didn’t only have one ‘xiao nian nian’, but two! The little girls really enjoyed playing with her. She was also very good in disciplining all the recalcitrant children during the trip and getting them to listen to her. She was so good that one of the leaders from the church came up to her to learn her tricks. Heh. So proud of her! 🙂

(Jasmine: That hasn’t stopped Andrew from making fun of my methods though i.e. "Jasmine, look at me. I said, LOOK AT ME". Sigh.)

Andrew: More important than what we learnt about each other, this relationship brought us back to our love for serving God. I really enjoyed serving our young boys, the children in the camp and CCC. It was a great joy to see God use all of us to touch the hearts of the 109 kids who came for the camp. My heart was so touched when I saw almost all the kids raise up their hands during the altar call to receive Jesus into their hearts and I feel privileged that we could play a part in bringing these kids closer to a true knowledge of God.

Dearie and I are now addicted to mission trips and can’t wait to go for the next one! 🙂


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