The Andrew and Jazzy Style File 1

Andrew: The blog title states that ‘she’s changed my life’ and indeed one of the more significant ways in which I’ve been changed over the past year and a half is my fashion sense! A friend even mentioned once at a friend’s wedding that my dressing has gone up a notch – all thanks to Jasmine’s recommendations. In addition to food and art entries on this blog, we have thus decided to introduce a new section on fashion and we bring you our first entry photographed at Singapore’s current premiere attraction – the SkyPark:


IMG_9285(Okay, so I can’t quite pose as stylishly as the Style Blogger.)

Dearie reminded me yesterday that this entire outfit was purchased just a week before and she was right!

Joshua recommended the Fred Perry online sale to me and the moment went into the website, I was hooked! Indeed, the Great Singapore Sale is nothing compared to the post Christmas sale in UK. There were very decent and stylish shoes, tops, bags all going for a very good discount, or at least much cheaper than Singapore prices.

Top – Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt (Inky Pool)


I had been looking for decent polo T-shirts that don’t look too overtly garish (think Topshop or random Far East Plaza ones) or too ‘uncle’/boring (e.g. Hush Puppies etc.), and we found Fred Perry to be a good mix of modern and preppy style. What we like about this polo T is the lime green stripes (or ‘tips’) at both the collar and sleeves which add a lively hint of colour to it.

Jasmine: Andrew and I actually went back to my place early so that we could shop online. What I like about this Fred Perry polo is its slightly subversive pairing of lime green and navy blue. Andrew has a couple of Ralph Lauren polos too but the colorways are not quite as intriguing as Fred Perry’s.

Bottom – Slim Fit Jeans from Levi’s.

Andrew: Took advantage of the trade-in your jeans for $50 offer and bought this new pair of jeans. I traded in a pair of boot-cut faded blue jeans, which Jasmine has been persuading me to throw away for almost a year, for this new pair and I must say that was quite a good deal. The fit of the jeans is almost perfect, without any alternations needed and the colour makes it very versatile. I was never someone who cared about the fit/ colour/ style of  jeans, but after buying some better pairs of jeans, I realised that getting a good fit really makes a big difference. If you’re keen to read up more on jeans, you can check out Stylebeans which has a guide on how to choose jeans based on your bodytype.

Jasmine: In my opinion, most men often wear clothing that is a size too large for them. These jeans are not drainpipe-skinny (which wouldn’t work for any guy over 13) but they fit nicely through the thigh and calf.  For a slightly cheaper option, Uniqlo also offers slim fit jeans under $80- their selection is more limited but should suffice if you’re just looking for a basic, everyday pair.

Shoes – Reprise Cuff Leather shoes from Fred Perry (with Limestone cuffs)


Andrew: Another great deal from Fred Perry – 50% off!

I was lazy and didn’t bother to try out sizes at Ion’s Fred Perry so the shoe was a size too large when I got it. This was easily fixed with a pair of insoles from Ecco, which really made the shoe much more comfortable as the original sole was way too thin and my feet ached after just half a day of shopping. The green on the shoe nicely complements the green tips of the polo T-shirt and it has a nice preppy feel to it too. I really like this pair of shoes!


Dearie is always telling me the importance of socks. I was initially unconvinced, but I guess I’m slowly understanding what she means and my socks have gone from the usual grey, black, dark blue to a mix now of multi-coloured stripes (from Springfield), polka dots (from Fred Perry) and argyle (a gift from Jasmine’s mum). For more on sock pairings, you can check out Stylebeans again.

Jasmine: Eclectic socks is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make an outfit one’s own. It is also one of the most often-overlooked. For socks, we shop anywhere and everywhere. Paul Smith stocks some of the quirkiest patterns but who can justify paying 43 pounds for socks?

Bag – Quilted Shoulder Bag (Fred Perry)

IMG_9288My gripe with this bag is that it is a bit too ‘formless’, but that’s exactly what Jasmine likes about it. Heh. (Jasmine: Let’s put it this way- anything’s better than that dowdy Nike bag with the humongous green logo. Shudder.) This was a fantastic deal on Fred too and a long overdue replacement for my NIKE bag which I admit looks extremely worn out. The material’s great and it has a lot of storage space.

Jasmine: To give credit to Andrew, he actually picked out this bag and sneakers himself. I merely endorsed his choice:) I like that the bag is well-made and not trend-driven at all. It feels like faux suede, is edged with black leather and the quilting is subtle but imparts a more interesting texture. Points also for how unobtrusive the Fred Perry laurel is- I hate ostentatious labels.

I mentioned earlier that the attire was 75% Fred Perry, but I must mention now that it is also 100% Jasmine! She recommended everything from the top to the watch, and even the socks and insoles (heh.). What would I do without her always astute fashion advice! Thanks Dearie!

By the way, for those who are keen, the Fred Perry Winter Sale is still on. Simply go to and click on ‘Winter Sale’ to see the full range of items they are offering. Sizes and colours are running out fast, so make your purchases fast. The Quilted Shoulder Bag is no longer in stock. Delivery charge is 14 pounds, so it’s more worth it if you buy in bulk, but they are very efficient and you get your items in less than a week. If you want to buy shoes, Joshua recommends that you go to Fred Perry at Ion to try out the sizes first. While you’re at it, you can check out Top Shop UK’s online site too which is offering crazy discounts, but I’m done with clothes shopping for now.

Now it’s Jasmine’s turn:IMG_9284

Top (Topshop)

Andrew: I love the artsy yet ‘controlled’ feel of this top very much. It fits in very nicely with Dearie’s usual ‘unconventional’ style yet looks very work-decent.

I’m quite impressed by the women’s range at Topshop and can see how this brand is trend setting, but rather disappointed by the men’s range which is either too convention and plain or way too ‘funky’ for me to carry off.

Jasmine: There was a period of time when I completely abandoned Topshop, but this season’s offerings are surprisingly wearable. They’re Art Deco-inspired, use fairly luxurious materials (think crushed velvet, silk chiffon and beading as opposed to their usual Made in China cotton tees which fall apart after three washes) and borrow unapologetically from several fashion houses such as Chloe and Celine who showed key F/W collections.

Fashion is changing too, and silhouettes for men and women are becoming increasingly androgynous. Menswear is becoming more shrunken and womenswear is beginning to embrace looser fits. I was attracted to the strong Pop Art lines of this knotted top, and thought it a refreshing change to all those shades of nude and beige that are so au courant.

Satin bandage skirt (GG>5)

Andrew: This GG5 pencil skirt was a gift from me. I had forgotten all about it until Dearie reminded me, which is a bad sign for me and a good sign for her. Dearie looks good in it!

Jasmine: Jazzy’s Law of Contrasts. If the top is shapeless, the bottom should be fitted. If the top covers much, the bottom can reveal a little more (but do remember that showing less is always more tasteful!).

Shoes (Far East Plaza)

Andrew: Dearie was looking for a nice pair of slip-in sandals to replace her Birkenstocks (which her mum and sis have been persuading her for ages to just throw away).

Jasmine: Aah, Birkies. My one fashion vice and I grudgingly admit that it single-handedly ruins pretty much every outfit I put on… But how else can I endure walking for 10-12 hours a day when I travel?


Andrew: We saw a pair at the basement of Far East Plaza, but they didn’t have her size, so Dearie set herself the target of not leaving Far East until she found that pair and (thankfully) we managed to find it after combing two floors of shoe shops! After we found the one that Jasmine was looking for, she suddenly set her eyes on another pair of sandals and spent a long time debating which pair to get. I am quite proud to say that it was my advice on the support and design that helped her to finally decide on this pair of sandals. My fashion advice is gradually becoming more helpful. Heh.

Jasmine: I’ve always admired the versatility of a nude shoe and fortunately for me, the shops are practically exploding with flesh-toned options this season. (As a matter of fact, I have three pairs of nude shoes in different styles and shades!) This pair is cheap (under $30), has a borderline tacky vibe (which offsets all my girly dresses well) and is almost as comfy as my beloved Birkenstocks, so no complaints from me.

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  1. i am taking notes for your style tips on guys 😉 hoho

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