Style File: The Shirt Directory

"We always hold hands. If I let go, he shops."

Jasmine: When we first started dating, Andrew told me that he was slightly disappointed that I didn’t try to make him over. After one and a half years of shopping together, Andrew and I have discovered a few brands that suit his body type well. Our search criteria consist of affordability, versatility, uniqueness (sounds like it contradicts the previous criterion but it doesn’t) and fit.

Under $150: Raoul

Jasmine: Though he probably does not care to admit it, Raoul is the fashion equivalent of comfort food for Andrew. He has dragged me into Raoul on several occasions, and just last Sunday, we spent close to an hour there while he agonised over whether to buy a camel or coffee-coloured briefcase (light brown and dark brown, in manspeak). He even threw in a shirt at the last minute because it was 50% off for 2 items.

[Andrew: I waited 6 months to buy that bag! And a few days ago, we went to the Raoul Outlet at Raffles Place and they told us the colour we wanted was sold out already. Imagine how glad I was when we finally found the same bag, in an even more unique colour and at half price!

One of my favourite Raoul shirts:


Jasmine: I must say, he’s a changed man (no pun intended). At last count, Andrew has five shirts from here, a reversible leather belt (my Christmas gift to him) and said briefcase.

IMG_9341Reversible belt 

More pics of Raoul shirts:



Under $100: P.O.A/ Domanchi

Jasmine: P.O.A/ Domanchi has that Korean fit, which is slim without being tight. Their fabric selection is also more adventurous than Raoul’s and are perfect for casual Fridays at the office.



Andrew: My colleague says this shirt has a cow-boy look to it. Heh. I do like this shirt very much as it is very comfortable and cooling and all the subtle touches like the buttons and interesting lines give this shirt a nice frame which makes it look equally smart and casual.

Under $60: Topman

Jasmine: Andrew bought two shirts from Topman which have been garnering rave reviews from his colleagues and students.


We like how the vertical placket makes the torso look long and lean. Also, navy blue, even in small doses, effectively counteracts the yellow undertones of Asian skin.

Andrew: One of my students told me he has the exact same shirt as me! One of the ‘perils’ of shopping at Topshop is that my students shop there too. A student even told me once that a Topman shirt I wore was from a collection 2 years ago (implying I was outdated). Heh. Everyone loves the shirt above. I wore it just last week and it got praises from 3 people throughout the day.

Jazzy’s tip: It doesn’t matter how small your budget is. You can achieve an expensive, bespoke look by altering your shirt to fit you perfectly. I introduced Andrew to my seamstress at Roxy Square: though she’s protested that "no need to take in lah", she’s done a great job tucking in seams and adding darts in a way that complements Andrew’s physique.


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