Style File: Dressing to Match while Still Being You

Jasmine: Couple dressing has earned itself a (deservedly) bad rep thanks to those clingy types who wear identical T-shirts with horrendously cheesy slogans i.e. We Belong Together or I’m With Stupid (which I never quite got- why would anyone want to advertise his own bad taste?).

We offer you a few interesting colour combinations for unexpected couple dressing.

White + Navy Blue + Emerald Green


(On Andrew: shirt from Topman, jeans from Levi’s, sneakers from Fred Perry; on Jasmine: blouse from Far East Plaza, skirt from Southaven, shoes from H&M)

Jasmine: When Andrew saw me emerge from the room in this ensemble, he was surprised that I had not gone with one of my blue-and-white printed dresses. White and blue can be a little austere, so I thought I would inject a shock of colour to our outfits. My paperbag skirt, however, is navy blue. The bow blouse is quite attention-seeking on its own (it’s got a huge bow on the chest, comes in a bright-coloured fabric and has a slight satin sheen), so I thought that a simple skirt with minimal detail would help tone it down. And more nude shoes, this time from H&M Hong Kong.

Another variant on this would be:

White + Grey + (Your choice of bold print/ colour)


(On Andrew: shirt from Raoul; on Jasmine: dress from Roxy Square, belt taken from another dress)

Jasmine: Grey is not a fantastic colour alone, but it provides a great background for experimenting with primary colours and prints (or in this case, both).

Purple + Pink


(On Andrew: shirt from Raoul; on Jasmine: custom dress from Etsy, elt from another dress, shoes from Far East Plaza)

Jasmine: For high-profile occasions where there’s bound to be a great deal of trigger-happy relatives, go for jewel tones in solid hues, such as fuchsia pink or royal purple, which photograph very well. Forget black. Black is dead!

Another misconception about couple dressing is that couples have to dress exactly alike, in gender-ambiguous kit such as polo tees and bermudas. (Involuntary shudder.) However, we say that the best thing about couple dressing is that we get to play up opposites i.e. masculinity/ femininity, neutrals/ vivid hues, structured/ unstructured. Don’t be afraid to take risks- should you fail, just walk three metres apart from each other at all times.

Oh, and a close-up of my current necklace du jour (a present from the Lims).


Toast and Jam: Best Friends Forever (BFF)

P.S. Our more discerning readers may notice that this is actually a spin-off of our previous Style File post on some of Andrew’s favourite shirt brands. Not wanting to be left out of the photoshoot fun, I decided that I would act as the living backdrop to Andrew by choosing outfits that would complement his!

Latest Update: Purple + Green

Jasmine: While purple and green are more typically associated with Barney the dinosaur, I like how our shades of pistachio green and electric purple (yes, I actually checked Wikipedia for the name of this shade) are complementary rather than clashing hues.

(On Andrew: Tee from Animal, jeans from Levi’s; on Jasmine: dress from Far East Plaza, bag from Femme X, necklace from Bondi Beach Market, Sydney)

Andrew: Finally I have a say. We took this picture today after we had published this post. When it comes to couple dressing, Jasmine still has the best instinct of all. I didn’t even realise that our outfits were ‘coordinated’ until Jasmine pointed out today that we were wearing ‘contrasting colours’. Upon which, I just nodded and said, “Mm..”.

Sharing a giggle

Andrew: I’ll comment more on my own outfit then. This pair of grey jeans has indeed been very useful for both smart casual and casual days. I wore it yesterday for my aunt’s dinner with a white Springfield shirt and today with the ANIMAL t-shirt and the jeans complemented both well!


2 responses to “Style File: Dressing to Match while Still Being You

  1. I’m so happy to see that the necklace is worthy of mention! 😀

    • Hey! Which cousin is this? I’m pretty certain it isn’t Steffy because she’d rather go out without sunscreen than read us, I’m guessing Adeline? Thanks for your comment!

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