The Way to a Man’s Heart

Andrew: When Jasmine and I first started dating, I told her that one thing I admired about her was how she always shared about cooking for her family and that was rare amongst girls today. Heh. When she told her family that, they laughed in disbelief and her brother, Gabriel, shared with me tales of the ‘instant noodle’ ball she cooked in Edinburgh and later on, her sister couldn’t stop talking about Jasmine’s ‘burnt eggs’ episode. (Will we ever have the chance to share this tale on the blog?) (Jasmine: NO!)

They were once eggs

Andrew: Knowing that I’m a food person who enjoys home-cooked meals, Jasmine has frequently surprised me over the past year with many special breakfasts and desserts, some of which I’ve blogged about before! (Jasmine: Maybe Andrew’s just surprised that my food’s edible!)

Andrew: Last Thursday was an especially long day for me in school and a tiring one as we had an expectedly huge crowd for our School Tours. As we had to go for a church meeting that evening, Dearie decided then to cook up a special meal for her family and I that day. She made:

IMG_9362Orange chicken (marinated overnight with freshly squeezed oranges, pepper, salt, sugar and soy sauce)



Steamed soya milk egg, topped with minced pork

Andrew: Both dishes were excellent! Although all of us agreed that the gravy for the orange chicken could have been thicker, I found the flavour rather refreshing. The citrusy flavours blended surprisingly well with the soya sauce and the juices of the chicken. The gravy went very well with rice too!

The steamed soy-milk with egg was a recipe adapted from a TV show that Jasmine and her mum had watched a day before. Although both Jasmine and her mum found it a bit too ‘soy-milk-ish’ (i.e  too sweet), I thought it worked quite well with the minced meat on top. The soy-milk egg alone tasted a bit like a more salty-version of tau huey which I do like!

(Jasmine: I like playing flavours off each other i.e. sweet/ salty… You often yield unexpected, and hopefully, unexpectedly yummy, results!)

Andrew: It was a great meal, exactly what I needed to recharge me after a tiring day at work! Thanks a lot, Dearie – you’re the best! 🙂


One response to “The Way to a Man’s Heart

  1. Wow Andrew and Jasmine, I really admire you two! Courtship days are the best times which will give you the most memories! When are you ending the courtship and proceed on to man-wife?

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