Style Signatures (For Work)

Jasmine: As much as we’re for experimentation and taking risks with one’s style, Andrew and I have also have certain “style signatures”, or fail-safe styles that are easy to put together and always figure-flattering, that we fall back on whenever we’re stumped.

For the office, the key ingredients of my style signature would be



(All dresses from Far East unless otherwise stated)

Dresses are actually my default mode of dressing. When I introduced myself to a class and asked if they had any questions, one student raised her hand and innocently said, “Why aren’t you in a dress today?”

[Andrew: Interestingly enough, that was the one thing that attracted me to Jasmine initially! (Jasmine: Only one thing? Thanks ah Andrew…) She was the only girl I’d ever met who never wore jeans to NIE and was always appearing in various interesting dresses. Yes – and at that point, the level of my fashion discernment was only at that stage of being able to pick out what types of clothes people wore. Heh.]



Jasmine: I get my clothes from all over: flea markets in Sydney, discount racks in London, vintage finds from Etsy and of course, my beloved second home, Far East Plaza, is a veritable treasure trove of Korean dresses and cheap strappy sandals.

[Andrew: As much as I groan whenever Jasmine suggests we go to Far East, I have to admit that I’m consistently amazed by how affordable yet unique the clothes there are! Of course, Dearie always seems to have an astute eye for picking out the best outfits from the countless stores there. At a recent trip to Far East, the salesgirl even asked her what her profession was as all the clothes she chose [from their own racks] were very nice!]


(Dress: LoveLabel, belt: Dustbunny Vintage, shoes: H&M Hong Kong)

Jasmine: I don’t enjoy wearing designer from head-to-toe as I think it’s far more inventive –and individual– to mix high and low. In fact, I only have one piece of designer clothing, a seersucker wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg, and that was bought at 75% off at a consignment store many years back.


Some close-ups


(Volume brooch from Tatty Devine, mixed buttons belt from Greenpetals)

But of course, what is a statement dress without a…

Statement Piece

Jasmine: If you ever feel your outfit is coming off a little “blah”, throw in a statement accessory. I only have these two at the moment:

Jasmine: I got this at Bondi Beach Market (what can I say, I’d rather shop than suntan…). It reverses to black as well so technically it’s really one-and-a-half necklaces:) Unlike other graphic necklaces that are crafted from acrylic or hard plastics, this is hand-cut from leather, so it fits around the neck and body, almost like it’s a print on the dress fabric itself. I wore this for a formal school event and received several compliments, including two from my VPs.

[Andrew: I really do like this piece very much too! It’s artistic without being too ostentatious.]

My other necklace is this dinosaur one by Tatty Devine. Let me assure you, it’s a real attention-seeker.

IMG_9413Tyrannosaurus Fax, because it’s just a copy of the real thing

Jasmine: However, the accessory most people are likely to associate me with would be the hairband (or hair anything)…



[Andrew: The picture right above is a combination of 3 hair pins (one of which I bought for Dearie – from Far East) and Dearie wore this for my cousin’s wedding. I thought it was really brilliant how she put them together. They worked really well together as the colours were all rather muted, which drew more attention to the subtle ‘detail’ of the flowers like the petals or the shiny ‘beads’.]

Jasmine: My favourite, however, is from Camden Market in London.

[Andrew: This hairband drew quite mixed reactions from many. I remember Dearie wearing it for a pre-mission trip meeting and our pastor asking her, “Jasmine, what’s that on your head?” Heh. I think her family members asked a similar question too. I can’t say I truly appreciated it initially, but I guess if we’re going for something statement, then this is it!]

Jasmine: So there we have it!

My style signature for work:

Korean dresses + Statement Accessory + Nude Shoes

Look out for the next post on Andrew’s signature look for work!

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