Style File: Smart Dressing for Smart Casual

Jasmine: So Mr Chong and I had a super busy Saturday on 22nd Jan, which involved a sunrise leaders’ event, inter-school debate competition, church, combined cell… and on top of all that, a daytime wedding and evening dinner banquet!

Andrew: It was a crazy day indeed which started at 6 a.m. and ended almost at 1 a.m and my car served as a ‘mobile’ wardrobe throughout the day. It not only contained our various outfits and accompanying shoes. I also put in my Champion cologne, hair wax and electric shaver – it wasn’t only a mobile wardrobe, but even a mini-bathroom.

We bring you more pictures of couple dressing for casual and formal occasions below:

1. Day Wedding (Dress Code: Smart Casual)


(On Andrew: Shirt and pants from P.O.A., tie from Topman, belt from Raoul; on Jasmine: dress and shoes from Far East Plaza, belt from GG>5)


Jasmine: I needed something dramatic to balance out the layers of ruffles on what I’ve affectionately termed my "Big Bird" skirt, so I pinned three hairclips (in varying pastel shades) together, which I thought would complement the purple belt:

(Purple feather pin: Far East Plaza, white flower: H&M Milan, pink flower: Accessorize)

Andrew: I thought Dearie’s colour coordination was indeed top-notch, from the hair-pins to her belts. Her dress was not something I initially could appreciate, but it does fulfill a fashion principle that Dearie and I both subscribe to – balance. The very ‘normal’ top contrasts so well with the dramatic ruffles of the skirt below. The added touch of a belt just highlights that contrast even more.

Jasmine: Some detail shots of Andrew, who must have been the best dressed traffic marshal that morning:


Jasmine: I bought this polka dot tie for Andrew a couple of days ago. This photo illustrates how to do print-on-print. When mixing patterns, ensure that the prints are of different sizes but keep it in the same colour family (blue, in this case).

Andrew: I wanted to actually experiment with tie-styles, but I figured this wasn’t really the time. For guys keen on reading on how to experiment with ties, check out the Style-Blogger’s entry on it.


Jasmine: Andrew and I have often raved about the slim fit of P.O.A menswear, but it’s also the tiny details that differentiate their shirts from the rest of their mass-market competitors. I really like how the faux silver cufflink makes the shirt look a little more bespoke!

Andrew: I believe I’ve already commented on the shirt in a previous post on checked shirts. The accessory I chose to go with this outfit that day was a watch from my dad, Glycine’s Airman D24. I thought the ‘chunkiness’ of the watch really stood out and contrasted with the rather slim/small checks of the outfit. Besides that though, the watch really has little in terms of ‘fashion’, but is more fascinating in terms of its mechanics. It offers not just one, but four dual times and it has a 24-hour dial, meaning that instead of your usual clock-face with 1 to 12, there’s 1 – 24 on the clock-face. In fact, this watch is so difficult to read and use that I initially thought it was spoilt when I bought it. How embarrassing… and to be honest, I still don’t know how to configure the other 3 dual times on the watch. But there is something about the difficulty in reading and configuring a watch that makes it worth the money! Haha…

2. Church (Dress Code:  Casual)

Jasmine: After the day wedding, we had to return to the debate competition (Andrew was kind enough to drive me there and wait patiently for me whilst I hung out with my students) and attend church and combined cell. This was a dress that was perfect for running around in:


(Dress from Victoria Jomo, belt from Dustbunny Vintage, oxford shoes from Melissa, geeky glasses from Miu Miu)

Jasmine: On a geeky note, I’m glad that my T-shirt dress is unbleached cotton: it’s alot easier on the environment and at $35, fairly easy on the pocket too!



Andrew: The patterns on the dress are so cute! I like this t-shirt dress because of that element of playfulness and almost child-like joy.  The oxford shoes go very well to complete that look. 🙂

Jasmine: I must also give credit to Andrew for putting this preppy look together all by himself! There is a slightest hint of colour, thanks to the green piping on his Fred Perry sneaks, which makes the whole outfit a little less serious and a little more playful.


(Shirt and sneakers from Fred Perry, jeans from Uniqlo)

Andrew: I wish I didn’t pose like I was standing ‘at attention’. Heh. This was a fairy simple outfit to put on that met the requirements of being smart yet relaxing enough for me to run around in.

3. Wedding Dinner (Dress Code: Formal)

Jasmine: This was the first time we’d done formal dressing (nope dear, I don’t think a Glamour OTT-themed staff dinner counts) so coordination consisted of me giving Andrew suggestions on what he should wear and then selecting a cocktail dress in a matching hue.

(Andrew: We hustled down from church in Bukit Merah to Four Seasons Hotel in less than 20 minutes. During the journey down, my car served as a mobile ‘make-up studio’ again as Dearie used the journey to put on her eye shadow, eye-liner and lipstick. I was really amazed at how she managed to do it so quickly and in a moving vehicle – she really looked stunning when we arrived at Four Seasons! Heh.)

Weddingoutfits (On Jasmine: dress from Lipsy, shoes from Far East Plaza, watch from Fendi outlet in Florence, Italy; on Andrew: suit from P.O.A., shirt from Raoul)



Jasmine: I chose two accessories in shades of grey to pick up the colour of Andrew’s suit: I thought a pyramid-studded Fendi watch and a felt hairband from Camden Market in London would provide interesting textural contrasts to the rather feminine overtones of my draped chiffon dress.

One more little tip: mix and match two main colours (grey and pink, in our case), but throw in a shocking accent colour if you really want the outfits to pop! I went with my favourite fuchsia pink lipstick from Shu Uemura (which I actually wear to work as well).



Andrew: The accessories above were purchased for a ‘Bling-Bling OTT’ themed staff dinner last year. However, I’ve kept it on the jacket ever since then as I do feel it helps to make the POA suit stand out even more. I always thought that pink on grey was a little too ‘trendy’ or ‘metro’ for me and was a little hesitant when Dearie suggested it, but it really worked very well! Jasmine commented that I was probably the only one in the whole room in a grey suit. POA shall be the place I go to to get suits in future. They are affordable, provide good fit and are usually very unique!

It was indeed one of the craziest days of my life – driving to 5 venues throughout the day, but it was also one of the most fun days of the year thus far. We were blessed to witness the beautiful wedding of my cousin – Davyd and Francesca. I’m not sure if they read our blog, here’s wishing them many years of bliss ahead of them!


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