Habits and Hobbies

Jasmine: So I picked up a new hobby (Andrew has slipped up several times and called it a "habit", like I’m addicted to drugs or something) this year- scrapbooking!

It all began when Andrew very sweetly sponsored me a shopping spree at scrapbooking store, Paper Market, for Christmas. As it so happened, Paper Market was doing a "40% off with $40 spent" promotion that day so we managed to get about $200 worth of materials for just $120!

[Andrew: It was a great deal indeed and I thought scrapbooking was something Jasmine would really be good at – given how she was already doing a simpler version of scrapbooking with all the cards she made me over the year. That being said, I do sometimes regret this gift as Paper Market has almost become a weekly pit-stop during our dates and there was once we even went into Scraplicious thrice within the span of 2 hours.] (Jasmine: Ok dear, let’s not bore our audience with such trifling details:) )

Jasmine: We decided to make a scrapbook about our journey together, and settled on fairly gender-neutral hues like blue, red and brown as our main colours.

Before Classes (B.C.)

Jasmine: Here are some of the layouts I made in the beginning, with fairly simple techniques such as cutting, gluing and tearing:

Our 3 Best Dates


Good times at the Museum


Close-ups of the Main Design Elements

IMG_9440 IMG_9449

[Andrew: I did like the designs above, especially how Jasmine creatively integrated some of her own design elements like the little paper-dots from her dad’s hole puncher, Paris post-its and random strips of polka-dotted paper. Dearie combined the pictures with the backdrops very well thematically as well, especially the museum one. I did feel, however, that there was more that could have been done as those that I’d seen before were really dramatic, with various pop-up effects and interesting blending of various kinds of motifs  (chip-board, stickers, stamps etc).]

During Classes (D.C.)

Jasmine: However, on a whim, I signed up for an advanced scrapbooking class at Scraplicious (having never even done the beginner’s course) and these are the two layouts that I learnt how to make!

Our Heart

IMG_9454 IMG_9456

Jasmine: Thinking that all scrapbooking required was creativity and a hot glue gun, I was initially unsure about how useful classes would be. However, within that four-hour course, I not only learnt techniques such as distressing and scraping (not to be confused with scrapping) but also how to maximise my tools!

[Andrew: Yes, learning how to maximise your existing tools and scrapbooking materials is indeed a very important skill.] (Jasmine: Yes dear, all I need now is this lace punch and I will be quite content.)

Parisian Vintage



(Andrew plays second fiddle to Mohawk and Bunny)

Jasmine: This is still my favourite layout. I really like its vintage romanticism and the way various textures and prints have been artfully layered Since this class, I’ve been in two minds about whether I should replace all my existing red, blue and brown cardstock with papers with a more vintage sensibility.

After Class (A.C.)

Jasmine: After class, I’ve since produced a couple more pages on my own:

Dates in the Great Outdoors



Jasmine: This piece was put together entirely from the scraps that I brought home from the class. Even the butterfly motif in the bottom right corner came from the back of a piece of packaging.

Porcupine and Penguin


IMG_9446 IMG_9445

[Andrew: Dearie has really upgraded her skills a lot since the course! The final design shown above is my favourite out of all her scrapbook designs thus far. I really liked her choice of photos and colours. The dominant colour of the design is yellow, but it doesn’t pop-out at you and instead peeks out in various shades throughout the design on my shirt, the penguin’s beak and the ribbon. So proud of my Dearie… now if only she could learn the art of maximizing what she already owns… Heh.]

Update: Jasmine signed herself up for another course while Andrew was  in the toilet. (There was a "$35 off if you buy a $3.90 pack of sweets" offer so how could she in all good financial sense say no?) This time, she will be working with new embellishments such as vellum and transparencies! Yay!

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