The V-Day Card Challenge

Jasmine: Yesterday, Andrew and I had a little time to kill so we decided to face-off in a V-Day card making challenge!

Andrew: I’ve never been really good at art, but after seeing Dearie’s wonderful scrapbooks, I don’t deny I do feel tempted at times to try my hand at scrapbooking. Jasmine teased me so much about the previous ‘hand-made’ card that I made for her that I thought this V-Day challenge was the time for me to redeem myself!


1. One sheet of A4-sized white paper to be used

2. Cannot cover the white paper with another sheet of paper (defeats the point of using white paper!)

3. 60-minute time limit



(White paper, markers, scotch-tape, glue, scissors and magazines/ postcards/ leftover angpows)

Jasmine: Andrew got a 10-minute headstart and decided to cut out the butterflies from the red packets:


Andrew: Unfortunately my head-start came to naught as the butterfly that I spent ten minutes cutting out got blown away by the fan and couldn’t be found. Unfazed, I continued cutting, snipping and pasting and…

Jasmine: This was what Andrew came up with!

IMG_9477The cover

IMG_9478The inside

Andrew: I was going for the concept of ‘contrast’ with the more girly exterior (with pink, butterflies and heart) and the masculine accessories inside like watch, belt and Ipod touch.

Jasmine: I thought that the concept for the inside of Andrew’s card was quite creative. Andrew cut out a picture of an Ipod and wrote a sweet message inside. I did however question his choice of decorations: pictures of a watch and a leather cuff… I sure hope he’s not hinting about what V-day gift he wants 😛

I had originally planned on an all-white card, using nothing but a penknife to carve out butterflies for added texture. However, we weren’t able to find a penknife so I started cutting random strips from a magazine and piecing them together.

My final product, which Andrew commented was “very me”:


Andrew: This was typical Jazzy avant-garde style. Unlike my efforts which were quite slow and deliberate, Jasmine just let her inspiration flow and snipped off strips of paper from the magazine non-stop. It was like she knew what to do right from the start! Heh. I like the little flowers and butterflies at the bottom corner of the card which even seems to be camouflaged amongst the strips behind. (Jasmine: Actually, all three cutouts are butterflies:( )

Andrew: All in all, it was a fun challenge and I discovered that I do have some talent after all. Heh.

Update: Jazzy has gifted Andrew with a card-making class as part of her V-day present to him, so watch this space!


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