Scrapbook: The Cookout Layout

Jasmine: Given how Andrew never passes up a chance to grill me about my kitchen mishaps, I decided to create a scrapbook page that featured a dish that I actually managed to pull off- ice cream waffles! (So what if the waffles were ready-made and came out of a box? 😛 )


Jasmine: This was the first time I worked with transparencies. I simply cut them out and stuck them on top of the lettering (picture below, to the left). I reckon I shall make my own transparencies next! Do any bookshops still sell transparency markers? (Andrew: Yes, I can pass you some of mine, Dear!)

DSC_0870 DSC_0871

Jasmine: And of course, a less-than-subtle warning for my beloved Mr Chong: "Complaints to the cook can be hazardous to your health". Isn’t love great?


(Andrew: I think my stomach has grown quite resilient after our various culinary “adventures”! Heh.)

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