Special of the Week

Jasmine: While the subtitle of this blog reads, "because she’s changed my life", I’ve to admit that Andrew has changed mine too. One of the ways in which Andrew has profoundly influenced me is in the area of dining. Andrew and his family are avid foodies, so over the past year and a half of dating, he’s opened my eyes to the fact that there are more restaurants out there beyond Mos Burger and Long John Silver’s. Yep, the girl who used to classify Mos Burger as fine dining  is now considering trying out a degustation menu when we get our bonuses!

This layout was inspired by our love for good food at great prices (and the fact that there was nothing else to do but watch crappy TV on a Wednesday night):

Special of the Week


Jasmine: I also got to play with the craft punch that Andrew bought for my Valentine’s day gift! It’s remarkably easy to use- thanks Mr Chong!


More detail shots:

IMG_9507      IMG_9509

Jasmine: And the man himself, who happened to be wearing the same Raoul shirt as the picture in the layout:


(Andrew: I have not worn this shirt for the entire year and it was just such great timing that I wore it on the day Dearie wanted me to photograph the scrapbook page. This picture also brings back great memories of my first birthday spent together with Jasmine. She actually spent two days preparing for this celebration by baking a chocolate cake and preparing a sumptuous meal plus drinks. We drove all the way up to one of the pavilions in Mt. Faber and had a candlelight dinner. That was the sweetest thing any one had ever done to celebrate my birthday. The scrapbook page is just as beautiful as my memory of that night!)


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