Scrapbooking for Dummies

Andrew: As you would probably have realised, Jasmine has gotten quite into scrapbooking over the past few weeks and she is even considering conducting a workshop on scrapbooking. So, who would be a better ‘test-subject’ than someone who has completely no interest and little talent in scrapbooking? (Jasmine: Poor dear, what a way to describe yourself 😛 ) Heh. Thus last Sunday, I sacrificed and tried my hands at scrapbooking, with very clear instructions and guidance from Dearie:

Step 1: Prepare the materials

Choose a photo, your base paper, and four pieces of cardstock in coordinating colours.


Cut the cardstock down to size and get to work tearing, scraping and distressing them for an antiqued look.


Andrew: Jasmine taught me how to improvise with existing equipment to create the same effect as expensive scrapbook materials could. For example, people usually buy ‘scrapers’ to create jagged edges to give the cut-outs a slightly worn-out, vintage look. However, Dearie showed me how the same effect could have been easily (or not so easily) achieved using the edge of a scissors!

Jasmine: We also played around with the new craft punch that Andrew bought for me for V-day!

Step 2:  Select the embellishments

IMG_9516Embellishments consisted of cloth flowers, chipboard floral patterns, buttons, keys and stickers

Andrew: Jasmine made this part very clear and structured for me by providing suggestions and showing me possible options for buttons, flowers and other embellishments. I have to admit that I really didn’t want to put flowers on my scrapbook page! However, as we were replicating a design she had learnt at a class and that she is planning to teach others, I had no choice. Heh. If I really had a choice, I’d put more of those metallic keys around! I guess that’s why guys don’t make good scrapbook-ers.

Step 3: Assemble all components


Andrew: We didn’t manage to photograph many of the intermediate steps as they weren’t really photo-friendly. This final product involved a lot of strategic gluing, layering and positioning. We initially wanted to use a photo of our graduation from NIE to match with the ‘grade card’ background. However, the alignment of us in the photo made it difficult to fit it in this design, so we chose this one instead! The photo brought back good memories of our first mission trip together!

The final outcome:

IMG_9523Total time taken: 90 minutes

A side-by-side comparision with the original

Andrew: Not bad! Quite close to Dearie’s original, though both pieces have a rather different feel to it. Dearie’s one is more distinctly vintage as she used more distress ink than me and mine still looks rather modern, due to the colours as well. If I had a choice, I would have done without the ribbons around the heart too. Like I said, I guess men just really aren’t made for scrapbooking! Heh. I thought the colours worked quite well though and if anything, the one I created was much less ‘girly’ than the one Jasmine did. I think the colours and the patterns of the paper that I chose helped to make my scrap-page less feminine. I hope so?

Jasmine: I think Andrew’s choice of primary colours made his layout seem bold and fresh! His page had a much more modern vibe than the one that I did in class.

And the unintended consequence…

IMG_9525Andrew passes out from the exertion 🙂

Jasmine: As I began clearing up, Andrew declared that he was feeling tired and lay down on my sofa. My mum and I had a good chuckle at his expense. Didn’t realise scrapbooking was so draining!

Andrew: It was surprisingly easy to pick up scrapbooking. However, it was only easy this time because it was a very ‘structured’, step by step approach which we took. If I’m left to my own creative devices, I think just all the different sorts of paper and embellishments will confuse me to no end. (Jasmine: This is why I would present Andrew with, say, two choices of flowers and have him choose one, so that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming. All things considered, I think Andrew did fairly well for a first attempt!)

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