Pre V-Day 2011

Andrew: Since Valentines’ Day fell on a week day this year, I thought we’d start the V-Day festivities early by having a pre-celebration at the Sentosa Flower Festival! It was a colleague of mine who also loves flowers told me about it a few weeks ago. I completely forgot about it until I checked on Saturday and realised the last day was on Sunday!

We waited until an opportune time, when the weather was suitably cooling. (Jasmine: Yes, Andrew arrived at my place just before 3pm but I didn’t want to venture out in direct sunlight so we killed time by scrapbooking until 430pm  He’s sweet like that. Heh.) We then made our way across on the newest Sentosa Boardwalk where we were greeted by what I initially thought was a ‘stylized’, calligraphic version of a red rabbit. Turns out it was just the Resorts World logo composed of flowers. It does look like a red rabbit, doesn’t it? There was a rather menacing red rabbit in the background though, with red eyes! It seems like it is reaching out at Dearie in the photo below!

Andrew: We should have known too that on the last day, it would be especially crowded. We (or rather, Jasmine) literally had to barge our way in just to get our photos taken. There were so many tourists vying for that photo spot!

As we walked past Universal Studios towards the Merlion, there were many more animals of the zodiac along the steps. The pictures below are just a few of time.

IMG_9531 IMG_9533

Andrew: As you can see, Dearie has nicely matched her clothes with the Festival by wearing a floral patterned dress and I’m not quite sure what animal’s being portrayed in the photo above with a fearful Andrew.

Bunny Trail

Jasmine: And of course, it being the year of the rabbit, there were bunnies scattered everywhere!



These bunnies looked more like hares though:



Flower Power

Andrew: At this point, you must be wondering where the ‘flowers’ are in this Flower Festival. To be honest, we were rather underwhelmed by the flowers in this exhibition as the attractions seemed to be more of the bunnies and the designs they had done with the various flowers (like the one shown below).


The organisers had set up queue poles just to ensure that people were queuing up orderly to take photos with these floral arrangements. The flowers themselves were rather small and most of them had not fully bloomed. Nonetheless, there were still some rather nice floral arrangements throughout like the ones below:

IMG_9546 IMG_9536

And of course, this being a pre V-day celebration, there were nice spots too like the one below for couples to enjoy a (really) brief romantic respite from the crazy, CNY crowd.


Happy Pre V-Day Dearie!


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