V-Day 2011: All our favourite things

Jasmine: This year’s V-Day was a simple, low-key affair, consisting of all our favourite things- dinner, endless laughter, music, handwritten cards and of course, flowers!

When I got home on Sunday evening, I saw this humongous, gorgeous bouquet of lilies in my living room.


Andrew: Due to FarEastFlora’s limitation to only two very broad delivery timeslots on Monday, it was very difficult to arrange an on-the-day delivery of the flowers to surprise Jasmine. However, all worked out for the better as arranging for the flowers to arrive a day before was an even better surprise! The smile on Dearie’s face was priceless!

A tip for all guys – FarEastFlora, though pricey, is definitely worth the money. You can trust me when I say this as I have ordered and bought flowers from many other florists before. The flowers from Far East Flora are extremely hardy and they can provide flower food so you can sustain the flowers for at least a week from the date of purchasing the bouquet. There were lilies in the bouquet above which hadn’t bloomed yet and when I went to Dearie’s place yesterday and saw them, they looked really beautiful. (Jasmine: The flowers from Far East Flora have never let us down, although maintaining them does require a little effort. Midweek, I had to prune dying lilies, cut off the leaves, pollen and slice the stalks to absorb water better. The fact that they can last a week –despite being in my care– attests to their resilience though.) Oops, I digress, back to our entry on our V-day Celebration. Heh.

Jasmine: We had dinner at Spruce on Valentine’s Day. Andrew once again chose a restaurant that was perfect for the occasion: it was a little out-of-the-way and the atmosphere was chic yet laidback. It kind of reminded us of the relaxed dining mood at Forty Hands, although its decor and clientele were more upmarket. I really liked the original art on the walls too!


IMG_9566 IMG_9568

Andrew: We chose to sit indoors and the interior was very romantically lit (e.g. dim) – which made it difficult to take photos. However, I managed to manipulate the shutter speed so that we could take all the photos above with the help of timer and extra stable hands. Hence the photos above don’t truly reflect what the interior of Spruce is really like.

IMG_9563Dearie having some fun with her lilies

Jasmine: Without realising it, we ordered three pasta dishes (two mains and a side)!




Jasmine: We initially ordered the signature prawn pasta.


Although this had been recommended by the waiter as one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, the prawn orachiette with zucchini sauce was a little bland for my taste. However, when we asked to flavour it with more parmesan, the Spanish chef was so accommodating and friendly that he immediately ordered a waiter to replace our pasta with a freshly-cooked risotto, which turned out to be far superior!


This was a really stellar risotto. I was a little hesitant about mixing my truffled hen egg in, but it blended creamily into the rice and created a very light, subtly truffled “sauce” which flavoured the risotto well. The chives were sprinkled liberally over the dish, which enhanced the delightfully woody taste of the mushrooms.

Andrew: This was really a very well done risotto, I must say. Somehow, mushroom risottos can never go wrong. The one at House@Dempsey is pretty good too. La Nonna’s at Holland V also serves a very good risotto. The fantastic service by the Head Chef also earned Spruce many bonus points!

For myself, I ordered the Tagliatelle with Kurobuta Pork Bolognese:


Bolognese pastas always taste relatively the same to me, no matter how high class the restaurant is or how well prepared it is. This was a rather average dish, though the kurobata pork had a chewier texture than the usual minced meat used for Bolognese pastas. The cheese used also gave the pasta a more robust flavour, but the dish didn’t really amaze me.

For side-dishes, we had the Mac and Cheese and the Roasted Corn tarragon and Chili Butter.

IMG_9576 IMG_9578

Andrew: Both were good. The Mac and Cheese can be a main course on its own and the corn was really flavourful. However, the portion size for the corn was way too small.

We were way too full for dessert, hence we spent the rest of the night chatting while I sipped the signature Spruce Lemonade with Mint Leaves (way too sour!) and left me with a slight stomach upset, which thankfully didn’t spoil our Valentines!

Jasmine: And of course, at the end of the night, we traded our under-$50 presents:

A Martha Stewart craft punch from Andrew to Jazzy (with Reese’s Pieces thrown in for good measure!)…

IMG_9586 Jasmine: The craft punch came wrapped in a gift bag from Daiso. When we were  passing by the gift wrap aisle at Daiso last Sunday, Andrew was trying his best to not be too obvious:

Andrew: “Which of these bags do you think a girl will like?”

Me: “Depends on which girl and which occasion.”

Andrew:  “Aiyah, no need to be so complicated. Let’s say, any girl. Just choose.”

So I played dumb and answered his hypothetical questions 🙂

And a High Society jazz CD from Jazzy to Andrew (plus that card-making class!)…


And of course, a card made from scrapbooking materials:

IMG_9607 IMG_9608

The front of the card displays a picture of the first cake Jazzy baked for Andrew on his 26th birthday

Andrew: This doesn’t flow chronologically, but I thought it would be apt to end the entry with this! After our date, I had something special prepared for Dearie as a surprise. I sang Peter Joback’s Thank You to her to thank you for another wonderful year spent together:

Andrew: I had heard this song while browsing for Jazz CD’s (the exact one which Jasmine bought for me!) and thought the words were really meaningful. It really captured how thankful I was for every single day we had spent together – the battle-to-be-won days, the weekdays, the weekends, everyday. Thank you Jasmine for being such a wonderful girlfriend in all ways, for supporting me through everything and for taking care of me. I love you, Dearie!

Jasmine: Thank you dear for planning this V-date so well! After dinner, when we had walked back to the car, Andrew declared that he had planned something special to end off our night with. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

Thank You (Secret Garden)

If I lived to be a thousand years,
If I ruled the word – it’s hemispheres,
I could not repay the love you brought my way,
So, I want to say it now
To thank you for each day you gave me.

Thank you for the Mondays,
Saturdays and Sundays,
Everyday, the whole year through;
Thank you for the fun days,
All those number-one days,
Battles-to-be-won days, too;
I just want to say it,
Thank you for each day with…you.

Both Andrew and I found the line about the “battles-to-be-won days” especially meaningful because we seem to have weathered so many crises and major transitions despite having been together for less than two years. And although I groaned and joked about muting the volume or going instrumental, having Andrew hold my hand while singing this song softly to me was probably the best part of the V-day lineup. Thank you dear.


5 responses to “V-Day 2011: All our favourite things

  1. hello! I discovered your blog while I was looking for reviews on Forty Hands. I really like it and if you don’t mind, would like to link it from mine. I love the genuine sweetness and care that is in each post. 🙂 I can see myself reading back the older posts if I have time. Would you consider including a widget for a drop-down calendar? Pretty, please? 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Nia, Glad that you love our blog so much! 🙂 Yes, you can link it from yours. We will try to include a widget when I figure out how to do it! Haha..

  2. (nick) Iskandar idris

    Andrew! I found your blog accidentally when googling for raoul shoes! Hahaha what a pleasant surprise! Congrats 🙂 stay in touch

  3. Haha, Raoul Shoes?? Are they good? We’ve seen quite a few nice ones, but haven’t bought any. Keep in touch!

  4. Hi Iskandar, Geox has some pretty decent shoes too in terms of style, colour and comfort- I’m sure Andrew could share more about that:)

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