Style-File: The Belated CNY Dress-Up Post

Jazzy’s outfit


(Dress from Soon Lee, shoes from H&M Hong Kong, bag from FemmeX)

Detail shots:



(Ring from Topshop, London- a thank-you gift from my students for taking care of them on last year’s UK trip)

Andrew: I really liked the simplicity of Jasmine’s dress. The stripes of colour worked really well together and suited Jasmine’s skin-tone very well. I liked too how Dearie sneaked in pops of ‘CNY-colours’ in her ring and some of the ‘bands’ in her dress, without being too obvious and boring. Of course, I always like Dearie in such dresses as they are so relaxed and girly. Heh. 🙂

Andrew’s outfit


(Shirt from River Island, pants from P.O.A., oxford shoes from Geox)


(Belt from Raoul: Jazzy’s Christmas present to Andrew- it’s reversible too!)

Detail shots:

DSC_0848 DSC_0850

Jasmine: Although Andrew took a lot of ribbing from his cousins about his "man jewelry", I thought those finishing touches really made his outfit more youthful and relaxed! Those stripey socks added a kick of colour to an otherwise subdued outfit. The oxford shoes were half-price at Geox and in such an unusual colour (greyish taupe) too… we walked from Raffles City to Marina Square to get them!

Andrew: Besides the shoes, the River-Island shirt has a long history too! We initially spotted the shirt early 2010, but I was hesitant and unsure as I felt that this shirt was too ‘adventurous’ and ‘bold’ for work. We didn’t manage to get detail shots, but the shirt has ‘floral’ patterns on it and silver buttons. We went in repeatedly to see the shirt and I believe I even tried it twice but chose not to buy it. One day, I finally decided to buy it and we went back to River Island only to discover that my size was no longer available – that was about August or so? However, when Dearie was in Sydney last year, I spent some time in Orchard by myself (shocking, I know) and somehow decided to go into River Island at Ion. To my biggest surprise, the shirt was there again and in my size! I bought it immediately! I have started wearing this shirt to work and it’s getting some good reviews from my colleagues.

Some shots with our families:





2 responses to “Style-File: The Belated CNY Dress-Up Post

  1. “The oxford shoes were half-price at Geox and in such an unusual colour (greyish taupe) too… we walked from Raffles City to Marina Square to get them!”

    HAHA you guys are funny… it isn’t really that far a walk from Raffles City to Marina Square. 😀

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