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Restaurant Reviews: The Good, The Bad and The Skinny

[Andrew: This entry is almost a month late as I didn’t have time to complete my reviews 🙂 Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!]

Jasmine: By now you should know that Andrew and I love trying out new eateries, often recommended by Andrew from his avid reading of food blogs on the Web. Three new places that we really liked this month:

Skinny Pizza

Andrew: We have come by this area many times, but this was the first we actually went in as we were looking for something healthy and not too filling.


We really quite liked the decor and atmosphere of the place. Dearie thought that the backdrop provided an interesting contrast to the lines of my shirt. I liked the energy of the place. All the waiters and waitresses were moving around very quickly yet there wasn’t a sense of being rushed. They were prompt in their service and always served with a smile.


 IMG_9670 IMG_9671

For starts, we had mushroom soup and seared brie cheese. The mushroom soup had lots of mushroom bits, but strangely it was still rather bland. The brie cheese was unusual, but not astounding. The sprinkling of nuts was interesting in terms of providing a contrasting texture, but it didn’t do much for the taste. Brie cheese isn’t really my favourite cheese as it is too mild for me. I’d much prefer cheddar cheese! 🙂

IMG_9672 IMG_9673

Jasmine: Andrew and I shared a Swiss Turkey Ham pizza and were surprised by how light and crispy the pizza base and crust was. The ingredients enhanced the thinness of the pizza as they were finely sliced and a minimum of sauce or dressing brought out the natural flavours of the greens. Simply put, the best pizza place we’ve ever tried.

Andrew: I loved the Swiss Turkey Pizza too! It was very satisfying without that stuffed feeling of eating too much pizza dough. The cranberry sauce was delightfully sweet and really complemented the flavour of the turkey ham. Yummy!

Burger Bench

IMG_9721Cans of Heinz chilli on display in the kitchen, resembling a Warhol Pop-art piece  


Andrew: I don’t normally eat fish burgers and I was rather skeptical because green curry sauce is already rather unusual – and green curry with fish? Not my usual combination. Nonetheless, I was delightfully surprised by this dish. The green curry above and mayo below the fish really helped to enhance the flavours of the fish very well, giving it a very creamy yet sweet and spicy texture. It was perfect with the bed of lettuce below, which gave the whole burger a lovely crunch. I really liked this burger. The added benefit of having a fish burger is that you don’t leave feeling so heavy as you would after eating a beef burger.

It’s not so obvious in the picture, but at Burger Bench, they make their own potato chips fresh everyday. It’s really very, very good!


Jasmine: I like the bistro’s concept that "fast food doesn’t have to be junk food". I originally ordered one of the Sunday specials, an omelette cheese beef burger, but preferred Andrew’s green curry catfish fillet burger so we swopped burgers halfway through! The green curry and crispy, spicy fillet was unsually light for a burger and had a pleasant zinginess to it. This restaurant is a sister branch of the acclaimed Wild Rocket and Relish, both of which we’ve written about before, but for approximately $8 a burger (with no service charge), which is half the price of a burger at Relish, Burger Bench can’t be beat for quality, freshness and value for money!

Egg3 Cafe

Andrew: We tried coming to this place once before, but we got so lost that we gave up and went elsewhere. We finally made it here this time with more determination and of course, more precise driving notes taken down before making our way down.


Andrew: When we reached the place, I realised why I had so much difficulty finding it. It was really nestled in one of the small roads away from the main road and it was housed in what looked like an old school building (it probably was!).  


I must give points to the unique choice of tableware for Egg3cafe. Jasmine had a nice, warm cup of honey lemon in a very huge Che Guevara cup! Their soup bowl for the mushroom soup was in an interesting square shape that made it easy to dip the bread in the soup.


Andrew: One of their signature dishes was supposed to be their mushroom soup, but I wasn’t amazed by it. It’s better than SkinnyPizza’s one, but still insufficiently chunky and creamy for me. I still love Jasmine’s recipe the best – followed by the one in Soup Spoon!


Andrew: I ordered the pork Cheese Sausauge bun and the plate was so fun! Instead of the usual big circular plate or a square one, they served it in a rectangular plate as seen above. As you can see, I had a bit of fun spinning it around (it was strictly for photo-taking purposes. Heh.)



Andrew: I really liked this dish a lot. The pork cheese sauces were cooked to perfection. Juicy on the inside, and slightly charred on the outside to give that wonderful burst of flavour when you bite into it. Yum!



Jasmine: The fish and chips were supposed to be a star item, but I thought it was just average and paled in comparison to the pork cheese sausage, which at least had the advantage of being more unique. Frankly it’s quite hard to do such a generic and commonplace dish outstandingly.


Jasmine: I actually tried to dissuade Andrew from ordering this as we were feeling pretty stuffed from the mains but I’m glad he didn’t listen! The molten lava cake was baked just right- the outside was warm and crispy and the molten chocolate inside was gooey and sufficiently rich.

Andrew: I loved this very much! This is another one of their signature dishes and unlike the mushroom soup, this is truly deserving of the title and truly worth the 20 minutes wait. I love chocolate desserts 🙂


Marine-Themed Couple T-shirts

Yet another set of couple T-shirts – marine-themed this time!

Jasmine: Blowfish T-shirt ordered from

Andrew: Surf Wax T-shirt bought from Animal at Harbourfront Centre

Oh Boy! Scraps Made by Jazzy

Jasmine: People who know me well would be amazed to hear that I’ve completely stopped shopping for close to six weeks. During my free time (not very much, but still) you’ll find me scrapping at home instead of spreeing at Far East.

I’m very proud of these next two pieces as this was the first time I was working with plain white cardstock. I taught myself how to mist (spray paint, basically) by watching YouTube tutorials!


Jasmine: I didn’t practise with the mists beforehand, just simply sprayed random splotches of blue, green and yellow mist directly onto the paper.

Geek Chic


Jasmine:  For some reason, I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to arrange my embellishments and spent close to two hours just staring at the paper and moving things around.  This was also my maiden attempt making pennants (the triangular flags that spell out “Geek Chic”)- surprisingly easy to do.

I also made my very first album yesterday! Took me all of ten hours… (It’s not quite complete yet as I still have to add journalling.)

The front page was made with leftover ephemera from two classes, a string of pom-poms Mum found lying around and a spare red packet Andrew had in his pocket.

A couple of close-ups:

I dyed the ribbon purple, glittered the wings and punched my own butterfly!

I was determined to do a more industrial, steampunk page so that Andrew would not complain that my scrapbooking style was too girly 🙂 I hand-rolled the paper roses to the right of the pic after coming across instructions on a blog.

Andrew: I really liked Jasmine’s album a lot, especially the last page in this entry. Not only because I’m in the picture, but because the composition just makes the whole picture look that much more artsy, especially with the transparency over it.  Jasmine took the picture too and instructed me how to pose nonchalantly (or rather, trying to). Heh. I’ll have to give her credit for that nice photo.  The album has a really nice classic yet sophisticated feel to it.  She has really outdone herself here as it was a work almost entirely designed and created by herself and not through some class. She really has quite a talent for this!

Scraps Made In Class

Jasmine: Forget shopping, scrapbooking is the new retail therapy! I’ve been taking classes whenever I can (much to poor Andrew’s chagrin), and these are some of the layouts I’ve produced thus far:

1. The Enchanted Class

Jasmine: This class taught us how to make mini albums and pockets to store more photos and journalling!

The Fresh Food Couple

Jasmine: I thought the photo of Andrew doing grocery shopping at Cold Storage went well with all the green in the layout. There’s also a flipbook with more pictures of our cooking! We’ve also written about this date here.

Jasmine: I found these layouts too “clean” as they were devoid of all my favourite girly embellishments and techniques. So I went back home and added my own design elements! For instance, the white doilies were cut from the back of some packaging and the little rose (plus yellow twine ribbon) was glued on later.


Mad About Museums


Jasmine: This was my favourite out of the three pieces, probably because I altered it the most. Design elements I threw in:

  • Peel off huge blue square (this was a very stressful process as I had to remove five other layers of paper first)
  • Replace blue square with polka-dotted paper, which I also scraped, distressed and beribboned.
  • Cut laser-cut rose from the background and then cover the hole with the polka-dotted cardstock
  • Paste transparency with green cursive writing (salvaged from a previous class)
  • Remove lace doily from pink circular “button” and stuff it into the brown pocket to make it look like a Victorian hanky

2. Disco Rock Class

Jasmine: I really liked this class because I learnt quite a few techniques, such as stamping, embossing, using alcohol inks, vellums, rub-ons, transparencies and microbeads.



New Geeks on the Block


Jasmine: Andrew cleverly suggested that we take the pictures outdoors to emphasize the transparency of the layouts!

Andrew: Out of all the pages featured on this page, I actually like these designs the most. I like them because of the very bold colours and striking design elements. The photo of us in the 3D specs was also well-chosen to fit with the vibrant colours of the page.

3. Webster’s Pages Class

Jasmine: I wanted to learn to work with complex layers and embellishment.

Jasmine: We also decorated a graduated album in this layout, which means that the pages get progressively longer. I bet I can make one from scratch!

And a real surprise …

4. Valentine’s Card-Making Class

Jasmine: Would you believe that our dear Andrew made all these cards on his own! Ok, he kept complaining about how the supplies provided were all too girly (red, pink and tons of hearts), and why we had to make his humiliation public by being seated in the shop, instead of inside a studio like most classes, and that he needed time for his male ego to recover… but he was a good sport!

I later told my colleague about Andrew’s traumatic experience, and he said that that proved that Andrew was straight. Haha. Poor boy.

Andrew: I was hoping that Jasmine would never mention this on the blog. However, I must admit that going for the class has given me a good supply of specially hand-made cards to “surprise” Dearie with or which are especially meaningful as compared to a card bought from the store. We also learnt that scrapbooking is not actually that difficult as I was ahead of Jasmine most of time during the class. (Jasmine would like me to say that it was because she was busy adding her own “touches” – Yea, whatever.) It was quite straightforward following the instructions given and I dare say I exercised some creativity in choice of stickers.

That being said, this is not an experience I would put myself through again (even if someone offered to pay for me – which Jasmine did this time, thanks dear!), until they make scrapbooking more appealing to both sexes. There is just something about cutting, sticking, pasting, ‘distressing’ that is so feminine 🙂 I had to go to the gym the next day to “recover” my masculinity. Heh.

Cool Couple T-Shirts

Couple dressing from outer space!


On Jazzy: Space tee from Tsumori Chisato (there’s a little astronaut at the bottom if you look closely)

On Andrew: Power Rangers Meet Darth Vader cartoon tee from Lyndon’s

What Teenagers Want to Know About Romance

Jasmine: During Valentine’s Day, Andrew and I decided to conduct Civics lessons for our classes based on the theme of romance and relationships! Our lesson structures were pretty similar- we invited our students to scribble any question they might have about romance or dating, and we would collect these papers and answer them as honestly as possible.

Here are some of our favourite questions posed by our students:

1. When is the correct age to date?

Jasmine: I could give you the whole "there’s no correct age and when you’re ready, you’re ready" spiel, but to be honest, there are certain ages at which one definitely should not date. Ages 16 and 18 are a no-go because if you’re a Singaporean, chances are you’ll be sitting for high-stakes exams in those years. Very bad idea. (The dating, not the exams.)

I’m an old-fashioned girl and I believe in dating with the intention to marry. By this I mean that you should carefully consider whether this is a person that you could imagine spending the rest of your life with, given both his strengths and his weaknesses, before even entering into the relationship.

Think about your ideal age to get married,  bearing in mind that you should have completed your higher education and have worked for long enough to save some money for the wedding (let’s say 27, but probably older for guys). Then subtract the number of years you deem suitable for a courtship (let’s say 3). Give or take a couple of years and that could be the approximate age at which you start dating.

Andrew: When I offer this answer, I’m not saying that those who are currently already in relationships should end it now and focus on ‘what is important’. What’s more important are the reasons behind why that is an ideal time to start dating.

I firmly believe that the best age to start dating is when you start working. One very practical reason is that that is the age when you become financially independent and no longer need to depend on your parents for money. This is especially important for guys as you don’t want to be using your parents’ money to treat your girlfriend to dates and buy meaningful gifts for her. It also means that you are ‘dating within your own means’, which starts the relationship off on a more realistic, practical note.

Jasmine: I couldn’t agree more. Nothing is worse than a cheap date or a guy who is still living off his parents’ money. I’m blessed: though  Andrew and I are both financially stable, he loves to treat me to dinners and movies and plays (and the occasional scrapbook supply).  For Andrew, it is his way of "providing" for me and I do find that very manly.

Please girls, always offer to pay your man back. If he refuses to take your money, find an opportunity to treat him back. It does not have to be an equivalent amount but it should show that you aren’t taking his generosity for granted.

Andrew: Another key reason why it’s good to start when you start working is that you are generally a more stable person then. The JC and University stages of your life are the times where you really start becoming aware of the options available to you and you specialise and discover who you are, what you are interested in and what you want to do. These are times too of great change in your character and personality and you are more certain of the kind of person you are when you start working. If you start dating when you start working, it also means less transitions to manage as some might go to different countries during the university years and then there’s NS for guys.

What is definitely not a good time to start dating is now (as I was speaking to JC2 students). If you are not in a relationship already, then please do not start now because it will be distracting and takes your focus away from your major exam this year.

2. How do you know if your guy friend likes you and what should you do?

Jasmine: You’ll know if he begins treating you differently from other female friends. For instance, calling you often, messaging you "for no reason" or teasing you especially frequently.

If you do not feel the same way about him, don’t lead him on! The worst thing you can do is to keep entertaining his attentions. Men tend to see your responsiveness as an encouragement to proceed. When guys tried to get too close in the past, I would make rather pointed statements about what a good friend he was and how I wished we’d remain friends for a very long time 🙂

Andrew: Indeed, if a guy starts smsing you ‘just to chat’ or ‘because he is bored’, then you know that he probably has some interest in you. He will also do subtle things to show that he pays special attention to you, like commenting if you have worn something different or letting you know that he’s noticed you like a certain drink/ colour/ type of food etc. The guy might suddenly just treat you ‘for the fun of it’ or buy you something just because he ‘thought you would like it’. At the heart of it all, all the guy wants to do is to show you that he is paying attention to you and he wants to make you feel that you are special and unique to him.

Well, what you should do – if you like him, then respond to his smses and kind acts positively. Guys might kill me for this, but my advice for girls is not to respond too quickly or too hastily to a guy’s signs of interest. (Jasmine: Could not agree more! If he’s serious about you, he’ll work for it. And strangely enough, he’ll treasure you more when you finally acquiesce.) Don’t let your interest be shown immediately, but give it a while and see how the guy responds to you so that you can see if he’s really interested. On the other hand, if you’re not interested, then don’t lead the guy and you should make your lack of interest known immediately. You don’t have to be harsh and brutal about it. Be subtle about it by simply ignoring or responding in a very neutral manner to the guy.

3. When should a girl initiate a relationship?

Jasmine: Never.

I waited five months for Andrew to ask me out. I’m still glad I did.

My reason is very simply this: I believe that the man should take the lead in the relationship, right from the start. If I initiate the courting, I will always wonder if he agreed to be with me because he truly liked me or because it was just convenient/ flattering that a girl would ask him out.

Andrew: Well, I have to say I really agree with Jasmine here. I firmly believe that the guy should be the one initiating the courtship and leading the relationship eventually. Call us traditional, but that’s what we believe in – the guy should be the one pursuing and the girl should be the one being pursued.

4. What should we do when we quarrel?

Andrew: For guys, the most important instinct to resist in a quarrel is to be solution-oriented. What guys must learn is to do is to be patient and sit down and listen to how the girl feels about a certain issue or what you all disagree about. A girl really wants to be heard and she wants to know that you are willing to listen to what she has to say. When listening to the girl’s perspective, resist the desire to interrupt her or to offer a differing perspective. (Jasmine: All women, say amen!) It is useful to double-check that she has finished what she wants to say before you speak. Frankly, a guy will never be able to fully understand how a girl feels or what she goes through, but it is important that you make the effort to try and listen to her.

For a girl, it is important that you know that guys are wired very differently from girls. You need to explain very clearly how you feel to a guy and state the reasons why you feel this way. I know it sounds ironic, but you have to try to explain your emotions logically. I feel that my girlfriend has done very well in this area. You need to be patient as well and expect that the guy will take a while to understand your perspective.

Jasmine: I think my Mr Chong has provided a really thoughtful and balanced perspective on this question, so I will just supplement his advice by offering a few practical approaches for conflict resolution.

  • When you are both ready, share your feelings honestly and calmly,  without pointing fingers or laying blame on the other person. For instance, you could say, "I felt really shocked/ upset when that happened". Simply put, your sharing should focus on your feelings and reactions rather than his flaws and failures.
  • Sit side-by-side, holding hands (a good friend taught us that). It may be a minor detail but the physical touch helps ease any atmosphere of confrontation. Sitting across a table and glaring at each other seem more like a face-off than a discussion.
  • When appropriate, also affirm him for things that you appreciate him for, even if he was in the wrong this time. It takes alot of humility for a man to acknowledge that he screwed up, so help him along by being supportive and encouraging, even if you’re still mad at him. Which brings me to my last point:
  • When you close the matter, you close the matter. Do not ever bring up past incidents, no matter how great the temptation or how striking the similarity between both events.

Andrew: In terms of more practical tips, when you sense that the argument is getting too heated, it is useful for one of the two of you to recognise it and stop talking for a while. Call for a time-out of at least 30 minutes to an hour before you continue conversing again. When arguments get too heated, we are responding based on emotion and not working out issues in a fair and reasonable way. You don’t want to end up saying things that require even more damage control in the future.

What has really helped my girlfriend and I is the support of more experienced couples too. When quarrels reach a point where we can’t resolve it, we often go and find our church leaders to help us work through the issues. For some of you, you might not have such leaders, but you should have someone, maybe your parents or a close friend, whom you can trust to help both of you work through your issues. It should preferably be someone who is already married or experienced in counseling. Relationships is something that everyone has an opinion on and very few opinions out there are actually reliable. Those that are reliable are only from those who have first-hand experience or experience dealing with a wide range of relationship issues.

5. What is love? (Yes, a fourteen-year-old girl posed this question)

Jasmine: Many people define love as a crush or a temporary infatuation, which has given rise to that most cliched of all sayings, "Love is blind".

However, I think of love as acceptance of the other person (all his faults and failures), resilience (to weather storms  together)  and commitment (to love each other even when the infatuation fades). In other words, love isn’t blind- love sees through you and still enjoys the view.

6. Is it a good idea to continue being friends after we break-up?

Andrew: Some might say that it depends on the circumstances of the break-up, whether it was a peaceful or a heated one. It also depends on whether you were the one who initiated it or not. If you were the one who was ‘rejected’, then my advice is don’t continue the friendship, because doing so would only cause more pain and cause the hurt from the break-up to continue after that. My general belief is that for every break-up, there needs to be at least 3 months of no contact before you resume the friendship again so as to ensure that both of you have really let go of the possibility of the relationship.

7. Is there such a thing as ‘the one’ for you?

Andrew: If by asking this question, you are asking about whether there is anybody that is perfect for you, then the answer is definitely no. All couples, regardless of how compatible they are, will definitely have areas where they differ which they will have to work out through the process of dating, marriage counseling and marriage itself (if they get to that stage). There is no relationship where you get into it and you immediately know that this person has been the one you’ve been waiting for all your life. My girlfriend and I have had differences we’ve had to work through, even though we are common in so many other areas. The process of working through it helps both of you to grow and also learn if you are eventually the ‘right one’ for each other.

Jasmine: Instead of asking if he’s The One, be The One instead. To echo the wise words of my senior pastor, the secret to a successful relationship is to give, and when you’re done giving, give again.

What we need to realise is that no matter how perfect he may seem, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. The idea of The One is a rather static notion that doesn’t take into account that real-world relationships encounter many challenges, transitions and circumstances, and they must evolve and grow to adapt to these new situations. Therefore, I don’t quite believe in The One; I only believe in making a commitment and choosing to work at it with all you have. You’ll become a better person and he’ll love you all the more for it. Trust me.

Food Tour of the World

Andrew: The oft-claimed reputation of Singapore as a food paradise is indeed well-earned and you can find almost all types of cuisine in Singapore. However, finding good quality cuisine amidst all the various restaurant chains is another issue all together. Here’s our take on which restaurants which offer affordable and quality cuisine –

Japanese: Ootoya at Orchard Central

Andrew: In a mostly deserted Orchard Central, you’ll find that Ootoya is one of the only stores where there is a substantial crowd and even a queue at times! They serve mainly bento sets and you won’t find a selection of sushi and sashimi here (which greatly disappointed me), but we weren’t disappointed with the food at all!


Andrew: I had the healthy option of rice and scallops in a steamer along with assorted vegetables and chicken in broth. It seemed ironic to me that the rice was being heated whereas the ‘stew’ (of vegetables and chicken) wasn’t. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the chicken and assorted vegetables a lot. It was healthy yet very, very tasty! IMG_9593

I really liked the rice in terms of its texture and moisture, but I felt that it was way too little! The scallops were not bad.

Jasmine: I ordered the signature set which came with chicken cutlet and a croquette. From that set, I liked the humble croquette most, which was crisply fried, and the potato was soft without being gelatinous or clumpy.


Jasmine: I read somewhere that Ootoya’s decor and menu are designed to connect the customer to a typical Japanese home. Ootoya does not serve your typical restaurant staples like sushi and sashimi, but what it does, it does really well. Ootoya excels at simple, homely fare. I even found myself enjoying the rice (and I almost never eat rice), which was fluffy and chewy, yet not too sticky.


Jasmine: Quality assurance? I finished my set (again, a very rare occurrence for me, leaving poor Andrew without leftovers)!

French: Saybons at Plaza Singapura B1


Andrew: We’ve featured quite a few French restaurants before in our entries, but I would call this more of a snack cafe than really a place for a meal. Jasmine recommended the soup here. However, as we had already had a meal before this at MOS, we decided to go for the blue cheese escargoes instead. The blue cheese went well with the escargoes indeed and they were very generous with the olive oil and garlic which was very good for dipping bread in. However, the escargoes themselves weren’t as chewy and tasty as the ones I’m used to having at Jack’s Place. Granted, Jack’s Place probably isn’t well-known for their escargoes, but it was the first place that I ever tried these snails after my dad introduced it to us and we’ve only ever trusted the snails from there!

Jasmine: The escargot themselves were average but the savory blue cheese flavouring tasted delicious with a chunk of warm bread!

Thai: Epicurious at the Rail Mall


Andrew: We’ve been to Epicurious twice and we still love the food there very much, especially the curries. The rice crackers (shown above) are pretty good too. The rice crackers are very warm when they arrive and larger than most other restaurants. There was a generous amount of the sauce to dip the crackers with too! This was very appetizing indeed without being filling at all.

Jasmine: These are deceptively labelled as "rice cakes" on the menu, but I loved the rice crackers, which were light and perfectly crunchy. The dipping sauce was a little heavy as it was loaded with chicken chunks but otherwiseadded a little kick of spiciness to the dish.

IMG_9631 IMG_9632


Andrew: After looking through the curry prices, we decided that the curry triplet (3 types of curries for $18, as opposed to $10 for a single portion of curry) was the most worth it. We ordered a roast duck red curry, mackerel fish curry and a green curry with scallop (from left to right).  My favourite was the mackerel fillet green curry. I really love the rich and spicy sweetness of green curry and the rather plain and unobtrusive taste of the mackerel really enhances the sweetness and flavours of the curry!

Jasmine: And my personal pick was the roast duck red curry- generous servings of shredded duck and skin (sinful!) lent texture to the curry, which was also sweetened by the unusual addition of seedless grapes. O


Andrew: The curries come with a portion of jasmine rice for 2-3 people. Not too bad, but I still much prefer the rice at Ootoya!

I’ve read that Epicurious actually specialises in Western-style brunches. We’ve had Thai food both times here. Perhaps it’s time to venture out and try it again!

Style File: Pencil Skirts

Continued series on Jasmine’s style signatures….


(Blouse from weekend market in Sydney, skirt from Iroo, shoes from Far East Plaza)


(Tank top from London, skirt from Swedish label Minimarket, shoes from Italian orthopedic brand whose name I’ve forgotten)


(Top and hairband from Iora, skirt from Joop sale, shoes from H&M Hong Kong)

Andrew: When we started dating, my vocabulary for what girls wore was limited to dress, skirt and pants. Heh. I didn’t even know there were so many terms for the different kinds of skirts. Now Dearie has introduced me to a range of them like tulle skirts (Dearie’s latest craze), pleated skirts and of course, pencil skirts, which happen also to be my next favourite ‘style signature’ of Dearie’s (next to floral dresses). Heh.

And some random fashion snippets

Jasmine: I’m not much of a casual dresser. My motto in life is that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, but recently my go-to item in my closet has been this sushi T-shirt dress, for its comfort and simplicity:


(Sushi dress from Victoria Jomo, belt from Isetan sale, necklace from Bugis Village)


Jasmine: Thought the necklace and dress was rather appropriate for a food-centric gathering!

Andrew: The necklace is also extremely apt for a Japanese seafood dinner! Incidentally, Dearie is also wearing a pencil skirt here which she bought from BYSI! 🙂