Style File: Pencil Skirts

Continued series on Jasmine’s style signatures….


(Blouse from weekend market in Sydney, skirt from Iroo, shoes from Far East Plaza)


(Tank top from London, skirt from Swedish label Minimarket, shoes from Italian orthopedic brand whose name I’ve forgotten)


(Top and hairband from Iora, skirt from Joop sale, shoes from H&M Hong Kong)

Andrew: When we started dating, my vocabulary for what girls wore was limited to dress, skirt and pants. Heh. I didn’t even know there were so many terms for the different kinds of skirts. Now Dearie has introduced me to a range of them like tulle skirts (Dearie’s latest craze), pleated skirts and of course, pencil skirts, which happen also to be my next favourite ‘style signature’ of Dearie’s (next to floral dresses). Heh.

And some random fashion snippets

Jasmine: I’m not much of a casual dresser. My motto in life is that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, but recently my go-to item in my closet has been this sushi T-shirt dress, for its comfort and simplicity:


(Sushi dress from Victoria Jomo, belt from Isetan sale, necklace from Bugis Village)


Jasmine: Thought the necklace and dress was rather appropriate for a food-centric gathering!

Andrew: The necklace is also extremely apt for a Japanese seafood dinner! Incidentally, Dearie is also wearing a pencil skirt here which she bought from BYSI! 🙂


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