Scraps Made In Class

Jasmine: Forget shopping, scrapbooking is the new retail therapy! I’ve been taking classes whenever I can (much to poor Andrew’s chagrin), and these are some of the layouts I’ve produced thus far:

1. The Enchanted Class

Jasmine: This class taught us how to make mini albums and pockets to store more photos and journalling!

The Fresh Food Couple

Jasmine: I thought the photo of Andrew doing grocery shopping at Cold Storage went well with all the green in the layout. There’s also a flipbook with more pictures of our cooking! We’ve also written about this date here.

Jasmine: I found these layouts too “clean” as they were devoid of all my favourite girly embellishments and techniques. So I went back home and added my own design elements! For instance, the white doilies were cut from the back of some packaging and the little rose (plus yellow twine ribbon) was glued on later.


Mad About Museums


Jasmine: This was my favourite out of the three pieces, probably because I altered it the most. Design elements I threw in:

  • Peel off huge blue square (this was a very stressful process as I had to remove five other layers of paper first)
  • Replace blue square with polka-dotted paper, which I also scraped, distressed and beribboned.
  • Cut laser-cut rose from the background and then cover the hole with the polka-dotted cardstock
  • Paste transparency with green cursive writing (salvaged from a previous class)
  • Remove lace doily from pink circular “button” and stuff it into the brown pocket to make it look like a Victorian hanky

2. Disco Rock Class

Jasmine: I really liked this class because I learnt quite a few techniques, such as stamping, embossing, using alcohol inks, vellums, rub-ons, transparencies and microbeads.



New Geeks on the Block


Jasmine: Andrew cleverly suggested that we take the pictures outdoors to emphasize the transparency of the layouts!

Andrew: Out of all the pages featured on this page, I actually like these designs the most. I like them because of the very bold colours and striking design elements. The photo of us in the 3D specs was also well-chosen to fit with the vibrant colours of the page.

3. Webster’s Pages Class

Jasmine: I wanted to learn to work with complex layers and embellishment.

Jasmine: We also decorated a graduated album in this layout, which means that the pages get progressively longer. I bet I can make one from scratch!

And a real surprise …

4. Valentine’s Card-Making Class

Jasmine: Would you believe that our dear Andrew made all these cards on his own! Ok, he kept complaining about how the supplies provided were all too girly (red, pink and tons of hearts), and why we had to make his humiliation public by being seated in the shop, instead of inside a studio like most classes, and that he needed time for his male ego to recover… but he was a good sport!

I later told my colleague about Andrew’s traumatic experience, and he said that that proved that Andrew was straight. Haha. Poor boy.

Andrew: I was hoping that Jasmine would never mention this on the blog. However, I must admit that going for the class has given me a good supply of specially hand-made cards to “surprise” Dearie with or which are especially meaningful as compared to a card bought from the store. We also learnt that scrapbooking is not actually that difficult as I was ahead of Jasmine most of time during the class. (Jasmine would like me to say that it was because she was busy adding her own “touches” – Yea, whatever.) It was quite straightforward following the instructions given and I dare say I exercised some creativity in choice of stickers.

That being said, this is not an experience I would put myself through again (even if someone offered to pay for me – which Jasmine did this time, thanks dear!), until they make scrapbooking more appealing to both sexes. There is just something about cutting, sticking, pasting, ‘distressing’ that is so feminine šŸ™‚ I had to go to the gym the next day to “recover” my masculinity. Heh.


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