Oh Boy! Scraps Made by Jazzy

Jasmine: People who know me well would be amazed to hear that I’ve completely stopped shopping for close to six weeks. During my free time (not very much, but still) you’ll find me scrapping at home instead of spreeing at Far East.

I’m very proud of these next two pieces as this was the first time I was working with plain white cardstock. I taught myself how to mist (spray paint, basically) by watching YouTube tutorials!


Jasmine: I didn’t practise with the mists beforehand, just simply sprayed random splotches of blue, green and yellow mist directly onto the paper.

Geek Chic


Jasmine:  For some reason, I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to arrange my embellishments and spent close to two hours just staring at the paper and moving things around.  This was also my maiden attempt making pennants (the triangular flags that spell out “Geek Chic”)- surprisingly easy to do.

I also made my very first album yesterday! Took me all of ten hours… (It’s not quite complete yet as I still have to add journalling.)

The front page was made with leftover ephemera from two classes, a string of pom-poms Mum found lying around and a spare red packet Andrew had in his pocket.

A couple of close-ups:

I dyed the ribbon purple, glittered the wings and punched my own butterfly!

I was determined to do a more industrial, steampunk page so that Andrew would not complain that my scrapbooking style was too girly 🙂 I hand-rolled the paper roses to the right of the pic after coming across instructions on a blog.

Andrew: I really liked Jasmine’s album a lot, especially the last page in this entry. Not only because I’m in the picture, but because the composition just makes the whole picture look that much more artsy, especially with the transparency over it.  Jasmine took the picture too and instructed me how to pose nonchalantly (or rather, trying to). Heh. I’ll have to give her credit for that nice photo.  The album has a really nice classic yet sophisticated feel to it.  She has really outdone herself here as it was a work almost entirely designed and created by herself and not through some class. She really has quite a talent for this!


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