Daiso Challenge

Andrew: Ever since Jasmine got addicted, oops, I mean interested in scrapbooking, P.S. has become our usual meeting spot, especially after long days for me. Another shop that Jasmine loves to go to, besides the obvious Paper Market and Made with Love (both branches), is Daiso. I must admit that I am quite amazed by the range of products that can go for $2 there – from food items to make-up to crockery and various gift wrap/packaging. (Jasmine: You are omitting the entire crafts section, dear.)

Anyway, to make our trips to P.S. more bearable, Jasmine came up with this interesting idea for us to do a Daiso challenge!

The challenge: Buy a $2 gift for our other half from Daiso. Rule: No food item.

We finally found time to do this during the March holidays.

So, here’s what we bought for each other:


Jasmine: Andrew blessed me with this rack of ribbon festooned with musical notes for my scrapbooking! Scrapbooking doesn’t always have to be expensive…

Andrew: Yes, I ended up with the default option which I knew Jasmine would use. As for choosing a design she would like, I actually tailed her and looked at which designs she was focusing on. In the end, I still ended up picking one that she was apprehensive about (a red polka dotted ribbon) and had to ask her which exact one she wanted. So much for a challenge eh…


Jasmine: And I bought Andrew a tripod stand!We have been talking about getting a tripod since we love to take pictures but don’t like asking people to help us do so. Andrew has tried numerous times to position his camera awkwardly on some ledge or other in pursuit of a good self-shot. Anyway, we came across this tripod stand in the most timely way! I was racking my brain for a suitable gift when we just happened to walk past it! It was actually the first and only item that I picked up (barely three minutes after stepping into the store), and after that I happily sauntered off to the crafts section while waiting for Andrew to make his pick.

Andrew: Yes, this was indeed a good pick for us since we often don’t trust waiters to take good photos for us. Look at this:

IMG_8885 IMG_8884

Either under or over-exposed

We have made good use of this tripod since then as you’ll see in our entry later on Two Fat Men. 🙂

Yay! What a fun (and stressful) challenge!

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