Jazzy’s Mini-Album

Jasmine: After watching countless YouTube videos, I decided to take the plunge and make my very first album. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with it, but I wanted to create plenty of spaces for journalling (believe it or not, there are 34 blank spaces that you can write on in this album!).

Andrew: I recall Dearie being first inspired by an album which she saw at Scraplicious, after we walked past the store three times in an hour. All it took was just that short 5 minute observation to inspire her great album, which I thought was much better than the one we saw at Scraplicious! Heh. Her mum said that she should be making these instead of her other scraps which you’ve seen on this blog. I concur!

Jasmine: I suspect Mum says so because these are smaller and therefore more space-saving than my usual 12” x 12” layouts.

The front cover


A close-up


The first two pages. I hid this mini-book in the envelope, and the two pink tags on the right-hand page are leftovers from a class.


A mini-book is stashed away in the brown envelope


Apart from the two recycled envelopes and 7Gypsies book covers, my base papers were all from the amazing Hollywood Vogue collection by Webster’s Pages- my absolute papercrafting brand as the papers are full of vintage details, lovely colours and lend themselves very well to fussy cutting (where you cut out individual design elements and re-arrange them)! Ok. End of commercial.

The next two pages.


I cut out this ‘30s-styled aeroplane (below) and used glossy accents on it to give it a shiny, raised effect.


Andrew: I would have said this is my favourite page due to the aeroplane. However, its pink hue detracts from any manliness whatsoever. Heh. The other page is more manly in terms of its colour (peach and black & white) and motifs (more angular shapes like stars), but it still contains some of the ostentatious elements like chandeliers and side-profiles silhouettes of female figurines that unfortunately make it once again a girly page. Heh. IMG_9918

Jasmine: The card that the pocket contains (above) can also be pulled out. This is the back. I stamped a birdcage on it, and the purple raffia is from the 1st anniversary bouquet that Andrew gave me last year. (Unfortunately, in her zeal to move house, my mother threw away all the other lovely rice papers that I had collected in the course of our courtship.)

The next two pages. (The right-hand “page” is actually Mills’ wedding envelope. I cut it down to size, and with the leftover I made the pocket that you’ve seen in previous photos- the one with the aeroplane on it.)


I sprayed this page with purple Glimmer Mist (below) over a stencil. Here’s a detail shot:



I cut this “mini book cover” (above, right) from the back of the packaging that my full-size book cover came wrapped in, then put glossy accents on it for a 3-D effect. There are six tiny pages in there, waiting to be filled up:)

The envelope’s fashioned to be like a drawer, from which you can pull another card out.


These next two pages are my favourite. They’re pretty simple but I love the muted greens and pinks (always a long-time favourite colour combi of mine- so much so that it was the colour code for the vintage-themed birthday bash I threw when I turned 21. Which was only a couple weeks ago, actually. Heh.) (Andrew: Hmmm. *Skeptical look*)

Anyhow, when you turn the envelope/ page, the envelope can also be opened from the top… IMG_9911

… To reveal an eight-page book (below)



The card on the following page can also be removed- this is the back.


Next two pages! The page with the corsetry seemed like such a simple idea but trying to blindly estimate where to punch the holes (I’ve never been one for precision) was killer. I also made the three coloured tags from bits of packaging and class remnants.


If anyone’s wondering, I used the same Martha Steward Doily Lace punch throughout this album to achieve the scalloped edges, even on the brown envelope, which was also from a friend.


There are two pages in the envelope, held together by a heart-shaped brad which Mum salvaged from my brother’s discard pile.


I glued on a circle to conceal a tear in the envelope. The two butterflies were punched with a Martha Stewart punch which conveniently came with stamps which I used on top of the punch-out.

And we have the final page:


This is how thick my mini album was.

IMG_9933Not that thick at all

Two things that were vital to the making of this album:

1. My Tim Holtz distress ink in Spun Sugar (which is that cotton-candy pink hue that I sponged on all the page borders and even the pink envelope, to give it abit more dimension)

2. Tissue tapes (also known as washi tapes), which are decorative yet functional. I got the huge purple and thin olive green ones from Paper Market, and the music notes/ dictionary tapes online (these are actually Tim Holtz too, but I didn’t want to commit to the full 16feet roll, so I just got these at 40cents per yard on Etsy!).

And of course, one last pic with my first album ever! (It opens up like an accordion rather than a traditional bound book, which is why you need the tissue tape to fasten the pages together.)



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