Cheap Eats week!

Jasmine: Andrew and I recently embarked on a campaign to find good food at low prices! Here are some $10 and under spots:

Malacca House at 313 Somerset

Jasmine: We treated ourselves to an array of hawker food including kueh pie ti and chicken rice balls!



Andrew: I wasn’t expecting much, given that there was only one other family in the restaurant when we entered and it seemed like another one of those substandard chain restaurants like HK cafes. However, the food was actually not too bad. The chicken rice balls were quite tasty and rather addictive! It was a bit too little for me though, so the kueh pie tee helped.


Jasmine: My beloved Anatolia! This is comfort food for me. I usually order the set meal solely for the lentil soup and butter rice, and depend upon Andrew to finish off the mains (typically beef or chicken stew) for me.




Andrew: I do like the lentil soup here too, though Dearie often finishes most of it when we order the set. I kinda grew bored of the set meal after a while though so I’ve started to experiment with the other dishes but the other dishes aren’t as value for money as compared to the set.

I decided to try the menemen this time with the special rice consisting of almonds, raisins and peanuts (which we didn’t take a photo of). The menemen was good – egg fried with tomatoes and green peppers – but it did seem like something one could easily make at home.

Saizeriya at Liang Court

Jasmine: Upon Pei’s recommendation, we checked out Saizeriya, which sells Italian food at fast food prices (risotto for $5.80, anyone?) at Liang Court. This was one of the few restaurants that actually boasted a full house at the otherwise-deserted ghost town that is Liang Court on a Sunday evening.


Jasmine: I tried a seafood gratin (Penguin wasn’t really in favour of it) which was decently baked and sufficiently flavoured although the serving was barely enough, even for me, as it was only one layer of pasta thick. Andrew found our mains “filling but not fulfilling”, but benchmarking this against other pasta places of the same price range i.e. Pastamania, Delifrance, I rated Saizeria a 7/10 for variety, quality and of course, price.


Andrew: I wasn’t too impressed with my risotto, but of course, like Dearie said, we adjust our expectations according to the prices. We also ordered garlic bread (2.20 for 4 pieces) which was quite decent. Another plus point about this place – you can order a free flow drink which allows you to choose from their very wide range of beverages from Milo to gassy drinks and iced teas. 🙂


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