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Restaurant Week- Forlinos

[Dearie and I are now catching up on a massive backlog of posts. We actually visited this restaurant in March!]

Andrew: I was preparing to make full use of Restaurant Week this year to visit several luxurious restaurants at affordable prices. However, we got caught up in work and I only managed to check up on offers in the last week and we made our first booking for Forlino at OneFullerton!


We arrived there before sunset, so we had the privilege of catching the day and night view of MBS from the restaurant! Breath-taking indeed!

IMG_9864 Amuse Bouche: Beetroot Flan with Cheese

Andrew: I was a little apprehensive as I don’t usually like beetroot, but this turned out to be good. It went well with their bread (which is baked in-house) and the taste was more cheesy with the beetroot adding a lovely hint of unique sweetness to it!

Jasmine: Beetroot, especially of that mashed consistency, seemed like a rather strange choice to showcase the chef’s culinary talents. However it was sweet, zingy and refreshing- a good start indeed.


Jasmine: Andrew and I were really taken with the butter. It was deliciously creamy, spread like a dream and truly enhanced the taste of the bread with its richness.

Andrew: I ran out of bread and there was still some butter left, so I ate the remaining lump of butter on its own – much to Dearie’s consternation. It was so delightfully salty and creamy! Yum!


Crab salad with wild rucola, sweet pea leaves and cantaloupe

Jasmine: The crab was finely shredded and I couldn’t resist swiping the various trails of sauces because they lent some flavour to the crab.

Andrew: I felt that this was the most amazing dish of all. The flavours all blended so well together, yet at the same time, you could distinguish all the individual components and seasoning used to make this dish. A common complaint at such restaurants is that the portion size is too small (which was mostly true for all dishes). However, I felt very satisfied with the portion of crab salad given.

Homemade spaghetti with artichokes, mushrooms and pumpkin and liquorice cream

Andrew: Another satisfying dish, but not particularly outstanding. The flavours were rich, but not too overpowering – a good lead-in to the final course of their restaurant week menu. The sun had already set by the time these dishes came, hence making photo-taking harder but look at the beautifully lit MBS in the background!


Andrew: Unfortunately, we didn’tavour.  take down the very long name of this dish, hence we shall only name this dish ‘Cod with other vegetables below’. The cod was very well prepared. It wasn’t dry at all and every bite of it was bursting with natural flavours.


Korobuta pork cheek braised in pinot grigio white wine

Jasmine: The Kurobuta pork cheek lived up to its famed reputation for being exceedingly tender. It just seemed to melt almost instantly in my mouth, with the extremely subtle aftertaste of white wine a nice finishing touch for what might otherwise have been a heavy, meaty dish.




Rum ‘Baba’ sponge cake with strawberry sorbet and vanilla sauce

Jasmine: I did not think the cake out-of-the-ordinary though I could certainly taste the rum trickling out with every spoonful of cake. However, paired with the sour-sweetness of the sorbet, it became quite stimulating to the senses.

Andrew: I prefer my desserts rich, so this didn’t quite work for me. The strawberry sorbert was nice though!


Jasmine getting tipsy after the Rum ‘Baba’ Sponge cake (or is it the photographer who’s tipsy? Heh.)


Petit fours to go with our tea or coffee

(Actually, they should add the word ‘petit’ in front of every dish they serve. Heh.)


Satisfied (but not full) at the end of our first meal at a fine dining restaurant!

Andrew: One final thing to add – the service at Forlino was really impeccable! The waiters were warm and friendly. They had something interesting to say about each dish and even engaged in some banter with each other to keep their guests entertained. Service was top-notch!

Jasmine: Yes, one waiter recommended the Kurobuta pork cheek to me confidently, and after I had ordered it, the other waiter came over and whispered confidentially, “Yeah it’s very good. But how would he know? He’s Muslim.”