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The Thai Thai Lifestyle

Andrew: I will always remember the day when we first started dating when Dearie came down to Boon Lay MRT to meet me for lunch at Thai Express. That was the day she told me that she didn’t really like Thai Food, so we chatted while I ate my tom yum noodles. (Jasmine: Yes, it was only after we had been seated that I confessed my dislike to Andrew.)

We have since dropped Thai Express from our dining places as it has dropped severely in standard. We decided to check these two places out due to food blog recommendations (again) and our observations of the queues there. The prices are comparable, if not slightly cheaper than Thai Express, but the quality is infinitely better!

Two Fat Men
376 East Coast Road

We visited this placed as I had read about it on (you can read the review here).

IMG_9893We took this photo with our new tripod from Daiso – turned out quite well! Even though they used beer mugs (which is what people normally drink there), we didn’t have beer – I’m having iced lemon tea and Dearie is having Thai milk tea.

Jasmine: The Thai milk tea was the best I’ve tasted so far- sufficiently thick and creamy, sweet without being too cloying.


Khao Phad Krapao- Basil Fried Rice 

Andrew: This was one of the best fried rice I’ve tasted. The rice was fried just right and the basil taste was subtle enough to complement the flavours of the other dishes we ordered.


 Khaw Mu Yang – Grilled Pork Collar

Andrew: This dish was strongly recommended by ieatishootipost and it was really worth every single cent. The meat was juicy and the surface was lovely and crisp. The light chilli sauce provided added a nice zing to the meat. This alone could have been my meal!

IMG_9899Green Curry

Andrew: This green curry was rather generic, nothing amazing but nice enough to go with our basil fried rice

Jasmine: Green curry is one of my must-order dishes, but I can’t find any adjective for this one other than “nice”. This green curry was just alright- we’ve tasted better at Kha and Epicurious, both of which were superior in terms of consistency (satisfyingly thick) and flavour (spiciness and savoriness).


Instant noodle salad with prawns, tomatoes and minced meat

Andrew: I was rather apprehensive about it as anything with instant noodles always seems to me to be rather lazy. (Jasmine: Lazy?! That was my staple food when I was on exchange in Scotland… Oh, point proven.) Surprisingly, this was really good! It was slightly sour and the fresh vegetables (tomatoes and onions) made this a refreshing appetizer.

Jasmine: Really liked the unusual-ness of this dish. The sour plum sauce really “woke up” the taste of the noodles, which were cold but springy.

Andrew: All in all, this was a great find – the prices were affordable and quality good. Place was rather quiet too on a weekday evening.

Ah Loy Thai
Shaw Towers

Andrew: We first noticed the never-ending queue at this place when we went to Tom’s Palette. Dearie then went to check some reviews which stated that you need to queue there by 6 p.m. if not you won’t get a place! Well, our experience wasn’t as extreme as that, but we did queue up for almost half an hour just to get a seat and by the time we ordered, all the teas were sold out along with the mango salad (which was supposed to be one of their best dishes). Once again, we ordered dishes which we knew were good based on recommendations from (Jasmine: Yay for Andrew’s iPhone!)


Pandan Chicken

Andrew: Tender and juicy chunks of chicken thigh meat wrapped in Pandan leaves and marinated with garlic and salt – how could you go wrong with this? It came with thai sweet chilli which went very well with the chicken. We loved it!

Jasmine: Yum. The pandan chicken was a great start to our meal- the chicken was succulent and not at all tough, and the pandan leaf helped lock in the moisture and flavour. The best part was that Andrew gallantly helped me peel the pandan leaf off so that I would not have to dirty my hands. Heh. Sweet (the boyfriend, not the chicken).


Pineapple fried rice

Andrew: I preferred Two Fat Men’s basil fried rice as this was slightly too greasy for me. Nonetheless, I appreciated the generous portions of prawns, egg, chicken and pineapple that went this dish.

Jasmine: Ooh, this is the only dish that I’d have to differ on. I thought this fried rice was more aromatic and more colourfully-presented than Two Fat Men’s. The sprinkling of diced chicken and prawns was also generous.


The lovely spread of Thai dishes


Claypot Tomyam Seafood Soup

Andrew: I prefer my Tomyam soup slightly thicker than the one here. Nonetheless, I loved the cuttlefish, prawns and many other fresh ingredients and the spiciness was just right. Dearie was having a sore throat that day, so she barely touched the Tomyam and I had it all to myself!

Jasmine: Spiciness alert on this one, although I imagine that on a day when I was feeling healthier, I would have rather liked the sour tanginess of the tomyam, which would offset the pineapple rice’s “sweetness” nicely.

 IMG_0300 IMG_0301

Thoroughly enjoying our Thai food

Andrew: The food was good indeed at Ah Loy Thai, but I’m not sure we would queue up for 30 minutes again just to eat there – maybe just one more time though, for the mango salad and the lovely Pandan chicken! When we finished our dinner at about 8.30 p.m. though, we saw that the queue had pretty much died down and there were even a few empty tables around. Of course, if you go around that time, then even more of their star dishes will sold out too.

Both Thai restaurants were great finds, but Two Fat Men wins hands down when it comes to the atmosphere. Two Fat Men was quiet enough for Dearie and I to enjoy some quality time together while enjoying good food as well. (Jasmine: Well, we were rather near the dustbin, but the “wall” of greenery did help screen that off.) As Two Fat Men is a bar, it has a very nice chill-out atmosphere, especially if you choose to sit at the outdoors area.