Bespoke Birthday Gifts

Jasmine: For his gift, I asked Andrew to choose between a custom-made shirt or speakers for his iPhone. But as the good-looking speakers were way above budget, Andrew chose to tailor a lilac shirt at Rossi (which is becoming his new "it" brand).

Many complain that menswear is boring and formulaic, but in my opinion, men can showcase their individuality through witty subtle details. Andrew and I got to choose every single detail of his first bespoke shirt, from the colour of button (and thread used for buttonhole!) to the contrasting cuff. I also encouraged Andrew to monogram the shirt with his initials for a truly bespoke look.


Monogrammed Cuff

Andrew: We didn’t manage to get a good photo of the shirt today due to poor lighting, hence we’ll dedicate perhaps another post just to it (and all things Rossi! Heh). Didn’t want to delay posting this as it would be a while before I wear it again. Needless to say, the shirt received rave reviews from students as it was perfect in all senses!

Jasmine: I know this is not a fashion post, but I just want to add that men should be more daring with colour! Instead of playing it safe with blacks, whites and greys, try these colors to flatter Asian skintones (we’ve found that these colours look great on my very tanned Mr Chong)

-light pink

-navy blue (don’t kill it with black pants. try khaki or dove gray for a smart casual look)

-deep royal purple (but keep the details masculine as you do not want to look like a Drama King)

And a postcard specially flown in from Finland!


Andrew: I’m quite liking this ‘birthday card’ from a foreign land idea. Last year’s birthday card was from Dearie’s UK learning journey and this year is from Finland. I must say it captures the Scandinavian vibe quite well! Thanks Dearie for the great presents!

4 responses to “Bespoke Birthday Gifts

  1. there’s another bespoke shirt place featured in this week’s 8days. you can check it out next time!

  2. Hello Andrew and Jazzy! Where is this place? I’d like to bring Roman there sometime.

    • heroonthebeach

      You mean the place to make the shirt? There’s an outlet at Parkway Parade and one at Isetan at Shaw Centre (Orchard) where Lido is. Be prepared to pay more than the usual for a shirt there because it’s tailor-made 🙂

  3. check if bert is there! he’s the salesman who served us and he’s friendly and professional. ask roman to monogram your initials on his custom shirt. i’m trying to get andrew to do the same but with no success so far 😛

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